RECORD: S680. Wallace, A. R. 1910. Letter from Honorary Vice-Presidents [to the Anti-Vaccination League of America]. Vaccination Inquirer and Health Review 31 (372): 253.

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[page] 253

Old Orchard, Broadstone,
Wimborne, England, Dec. 8th, 1909.

Dear Sir,—Although as a rule I decline Honorary Vice-Presidentships, I will make an exception in favour of your Society, because I conceive the abolition of Vaccination to be essential to the progress of humanity, both physically and socially. That such a totally unscientific and dangerous practice should still be upheld and even enforced by law in so many of the most advanced communities is one of the dark blots upon our boasted civilisation.

Thanking you for the honour you have done me, and in the hope that you will not rest from your labours till this gross and baseless superstition of an unscientific age is wholly swept away, and the blood of the highest races be no longer infected with unknown and unsuspected diseases.—I am, yours very faithfully,

Alfred R. Wallace.

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