RECORD: S682. Wallace, A. R. 1910. Alfred Russel Wallace, LL.D., O.M., etc.[letter to the annual meeting of the National Anti-Vacination League]. Vaccination Inquirer 32 (373): 5-6.

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[page] 5

Dr. Wallace wrote as follows:—

"During the present condition of political stress and strain it is useless to trouble M. P.'s, or voters, or candidates. But as soon as we return to normal political quiescence, I suggest that a circular be

[page] 6

sent to all our members urging them, as a duty, to vote, at all by-elections, against every member who will not promise to support the abolition of all Vaccination Laws whatever. I would also urge, as soon as the political atmosphere becomes more serene, that Mr. McCormick's admirable pamphlet be sent to all M. P.'s or unsuccessful candidates—with a short letter, begging them to read it, both as a duty and a pleasure. A united and vigorous effort should be made at by-elections. We are then more likely to succeed; we shall attract more attention; and Mr. McCormick's tract will supply admirable and effective powder and shot for the public heckling of candidates."

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