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Darwin's notes on Wallace

Wallace `Travels'. Text & image CUL-DAR84.2.151.

[2.1854]. Wallace, `Narrative of travels on the Amazon' 1853. Text & image CUL-DAR205.3.156-157.

[1857] Wallace `Annals and Magazine of Natural History' 20 1857: 412; Audubon. Text & image CUL-DAR84.2.123.

(6.1867) Wallace in remarking on peacock's tail. Text & image CUL-DAR84.1.46.

Wallace A.R. `Travels' II: 276, 314. Text & image CUL-DAR81.135.

[1869] Wallace `Malay Arch' 1869 II: 313 [Malay Archipelago]. Text & image CUL-DAR81.146.

Wallace `American Naturalist'... Text & image CUL-DAR72.65.

1864-5. Wallace A.R [Remarks on the habits, distribution, and affinities of the genus Pitta]... Text & image CUL-DAR74.189-190.

1866-7. Baines; Pordage; Wallace; Bonte; Pruner-Bey `Anthropological Review'. Text & image CUL-DAR80.B66-B67.

[1869-71] Wallace A.R. [Malay Archipelago]: I: 87 'orang throwing'; II: 'for Man'. Text & image CUL-DAR80.B100.

(6.1867). 'Wallace tells me...terrestrial leaches'. Text & image CUL-DAR81.16.

1868.10.12   longimanus from Wallace - carefully examined no rasp on   Image CUL-DAR81.32

Dr Wallace Letter 2 p. 6 Denies that [female] Butterflies notice colour of   Image CUL-DAR81.109

(4.1871). Limited Inheritance after reading Wallace / If any tendency to transmit. Text & image CUL-DAR88.145.

[11.1880] [Notes on Wallace's Island life]. Text & image NHM-WP6.4.1.


Wallace letters to Darwin

(only those with images available are listed, far more are detailed in the Darwin Online Manuscript Catalogue)

[1857.09.27] Image CUL-DAR47.145 

[1860][.12.00?] Image CUL-DAR45.1b 

1863.09.26 Image CUL-DAR47.146-147

[1867].04.26 Image CUL-DAR84.1.32-35 

1867.05.01 Image CUL-DAR84.1.36-37

1868.02.24 Image CUL-DAR86.A10-A11

1868.03.02  Image  CUL-DAR85.A98 

[1868].03.15 Image CUL-DAR82.A23-A24

[1868?].04.28 Image CUL-DAR84.1.120-124   

[1868].05.01 Image CUL-DAR83.191-192 

[1868.09.14] Image CUL-DAR82.A25-A26   

[1868].09.18 Image CUL-DAR82.A14-A17

1869.03.24 Image CUL-DAR84.1.112-115 

1871.08.07 Image CUL-DAR89.85-88  

Other Wallace letters

1885? Wallace Alfred Russel to Darwin Francis. CUL-DAR221

1903.06.12 Wallace Alfred Russel to Darwin G H CUL-DAR221.4.261  

1903.05.18 Wallace Alfred Russel to Darwin G H CUL-DAR221.4.260 

1903.06.12 Wallace Alfred Russel to Darwin G H CUL-DAR221.4.261

Wallace's civil list pension

[Buckley, Arabella.] [1880]. [biographical and bibliographical notes on A. R. Wallace]. Text & image CUL-DAR91.91-94.

Darwin, C. R. 1880. [Memorial of A. R. Wallace for a Civil List Pension]. Text & image CUL-DAR91.95-98.

Darwin, C. R. [1881]. [Draft fragment concerning pension for A.R. Wallace] Text & image CUL-DAR91.101.

1880.11.13 Spottiswoode Pres. Royal Society / Huxley Sec [R] Society / [list of potential signatories for Wallace A.R's pension application]. Image CUL-DAR91.99-100.

Petition to H.M Government regarding a pension for Wallace A.R.  Image CUL-DAR196.3.1.


Darwin's copies of Wallace writings

Darwin & Wallace 1858. On the tendency of species to form varieties `Linnean Society (Journal of Proceedings)' 3: zool 45-62  Image  CUL-DAR135.13

1859. Letter concerning the geographical distribution of birds `Ibis' 1: 449-454 [1-6]   Image CUL-DAR133.9.1

1861. `Ibis' 3 1861: 350. Text & image CUL-DAR84.1.171a.

1863. On the physical geography of Malay Archipelago `Royal Geographical Society (Proceedings)' 33: 217-234 1-18. plus plates. Image CUL-DAR133.10.1.

1865. 'On the Pigeons of the Malay Archipelago' Ibis 1865. Text & image DAR84.2.18.

1865. On the pigeons of the Malay Archipelago `Ibis' 1: 365-400 plus plates.  Image CUL-DAR133.11.1.

1865. On the Phenomena of Variation and Geographical Distribution as Illustrated by the Papilionidæ of the Malayan Region. `Linnean Transactions' 25 1865: 6. Text & image CUL-DAR81.103.

1867. On the Pieridæ of the Indian and Australian Regions. `Transactions of the Entomological Society' 4: 301 1867. Text & image CUL-DAR81.100.

1867. `Transactions of the Entomological Society' 4: 301 1867. Text & image CUL-DAR81.104.

1876. Nature: cutting. British Association, Section D, Biology. Opening address by the President, A. R. Wallace. Image DAR139.19.1.

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