RECORD: S142b. Wallace, A. R. 1868. To the Editor. Spiritual Magazine (n.s.) 3: 432.

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[page] 432

To the Editor of the "Spiritual Magazine."

9, St. Mark's Crescent, Regent's Park, N.W.
August 3rd.

SIR,—Will you allow me to suggest that much good would be done by printing separately the letters of Mr. VARLEY and Mr. SIMPSON, which appeared in your June number, together with that of Mr. HOWITT, in your number of this month. These would occupy ten or twelve pages, and might be sold at 2d. singly, or 1s. a dozen to give away. I would take two or three dozen with pleasure, to give away to scientific friends, and I am sure many would do the same. If headed, Men of Science on Spiritualism, quantities would sell at the Railway Bookstalls, and if a copy were sent to every newspaper and periodical in the kingdom, such a proportion of them would notice or even reprint it, as to prove an excellent antidote to the general one-sidedness of the press. Hoping this may be practicable, believe me, your well-wisher,


[We should be happy to see these letters reprinted and widely circulated as suggested by our correspondent.—EDITOR.]

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