RECORD: S200ab. Wallace, A. R. 1871. The shape of the earth controversy. English Mechanic and World of Science 14 (346): 193.

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[page] 193

The Shape of the Earth Controversy

[2935.]—In my letter last week (hastily written), it would be more intelligible to substitute in the 12th line, "elevations" or "heights," for "altitudes," the latter word being generally applied to angular measurements.

As regards your offer of a discussion with "Parallax" in your columns, I can only continue it on condition that "Parallax" keeps to the point, and fairly answers my arguments and facts, one by one, before advancing fresh ones on his own side. Unless this is strictly complied with, I must decline a useless controversy.

Alfred R. Wallace.

[It is abundantly evident that "Parallax" will not do as Mr. Wallace suggests, and therefore the controversy must cease. "Parallax" has written us, declining to make the experiment as intimated by Mr. Wallace last week, as he thinks the one suggested by himself, with boat and flag, would be the more satisfactory.—Ed.]

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