RECORD: S383a. Wallace, A. R. 1885. Gosnerads in greenhouses. The Garden 28: 477 (no. 729, 7 Nov. 1885): 477.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed (double key) by AEL Data. RN1

[page] 477

5417.—Gosnerads in greenhouses.—Can any of your readers inform me if any of the Gesneraceae can be grown is a greenhouse kept up to a temperature of 45° or 50° at night? In Roozens catalogue I find species of Biglandularia, Centrosolerica, Kohleria, Mandarola, and Stetogastra marked of, meaning to be planted in spring. Would these, or any of the summer flowering Tydacas without score last? - A.R.W., Godalming.

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