RECORD: S616b. Wallace, A.R. 1904. Letter commenting on psychical manifestations. In book review of The Widow's Mite, and Other Psychic Phenomena, by Isaac K. Funk. The Advertiser (Adelaide, South Australia) 47 (14297, 13 Aug. 1904): 9.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker, 10.2012.

[page] 9

Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace, as perhaps might have been expected, is much more decided. He says: -

Fraud is certainly not a probable solution and coincidence is entirely out of the question. Nor do I think the theory of sub-conscious self can explain this incident. Sub-conscious elf is a theory only, and not only not proved, but quite as difficult to prove as the action of the spirits, and more improbable. To me the hypothesis of spirit communication is not only possible, but the only probable solution.

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