RECORD: S707ad. Wallace, A. R. 1914. [Letter to Mrs. C.P. Farrell, dated 30 June 1913, Broadstone, Dorset]. In: Proceedings of the International Anti-Vivisection and Animal Protection Congress Held at Washington, D.C. December 8th to 11th, 1913. New York: The Tudor Press, p.41.

REVISION HISTORY: Body text helpfully provided by Charles H. Smith from his Alfred Russel Wallace Page

NOTE: Read to the Congress by Rev. Dr. C. Ernest Smith on 9 December1913]. 8th to 11th, 1913 - Charles H. Smith

[page] 41

From Alfred Russel Wallace,
Old Orchard, Broadstone, Dorset.
June 30, 1913.

Dear Mrs. Farrell:

    You may quote me as much as you like, as being A STRONG Anti-Vaccinator, and every kind of blood-poisoning and polluting — but NOT as a Vice-President of your Congress — which does inevitably involve SOME responsibility, and a sure increase of correspondence, which is far too great already.

Yours very truly,
(Signed) Alfred R. Wallace.

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