RECORD: [Anon.] 1860. Catalogue of books, in the Singapore Library, with regulations and by-laws. Singapore: Printed at the Mission Press.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed (single key) by AEL Data, corrections by John van Wyhe. RN1

NOTE: Scanned from a photocopy of a catalogue in the National Library of Singapore.

The holdings of the 19th-century Singapore Library had a rapid turnover so the state of the library in this catalogue should not be taken as a record of what it contained even a year before or after this date. Monthly receipts of new books on the P&O steamers were listed in the newspapers. Wallace used the library when in Singapore.
John van Wyhe.

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Catalogue of Books,




Regulations and By-Laws.


Price 50 Cents.



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No. Vols
1. Addison's Life and Writings; by T. B. Macaulay 1
2. Admirals (British) their lives; by Dr. Southey 5
3. Alexander's (Sir Jas. E.) Passages in the life of a Soldier 2
4. Andersen's (H. C.) True Story of my Life 1
5. Arnold (Dr. T.) His Life and Correspondence; by A: P. Stanley M. A 2
6. Audubon (The Naturalist); by Mrs. H. St. John 1
7. Austria (House of) by W. Coxe 3
8. Bate (Capt. W. T.) of H.M.S. "Royalist" Memoirs; by Rev. Jno. Baillio 1
9. Beaumarchais and His Times, or Sketches of French Society in the 18th Centary; by L. de Lomenie 4
10. Beekford W. of Fonthill (Memoirs) 2
11. Bellot (J.R.) Memoirs and voyage in the Polar Seas 2
12. Bell's (Sir Charles) Life & Labours; by A. Pichot. M. D. 1
13. Bentinch's ([illeg] G.) Political Life: by D'Israeli 1
14. Beranger's Memoirs; Written by himself 1
15. Biography and Criticism: from "The Tunes" 1

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16. Blessington's (Countess of) Life and Correspondence; by R.R. Madden 3
17. Bonaparte's Letters and Dispatches 2
18. —— Life; by W. Hazlitt 4
19. Brandenburgh (The House of) by L. Ranke 3
20. Bronte's (Charlotte) Life; by Mrs Gaskell 2
21. Brooke's (Sir Jas.) Private Letters 3
22. Burke's (Edmund) Wisdom and Genius; by P. Burke 1
23. —— (Edmund) Life & Times; by Thos. Macknight 2
24. Burn's (Robert) Life; by J. G. Lockhart 1
25. Buxton's (Sir T. F.) Memoirs; edited by his Son 1
26. Byron's (Lord) Life; by T. Moore 1
27. Campbell's (T.) Life; by W. Beattie 3
28. Canning's (Rt. Hon. Geo.) Life; by R. Bell 1
29. Catherine II. Momoirs written by herself, with a preface; by A. Herzen 1
30. Cavour(Count)HisLife & Carcer; by B.H. Cooper,B A. 1
31. Celebraled Characters; by Alphonse de Lamartine 2
32. Chalmer's (Dr. Thos.) Life; by W. Hanna 4
33. Chantrey's (Sir F.) Memoirs; by John Holland 1
34. Charles I. Arrest of the Five Members; by J. Forster 1
35. ——History of his Life, and the English Revolution; by F. Guizot 2
36. Charles II. (Court of) by Count Grammont 1
37. ——V. History of his reign; by Dr. Robertson with continuation; by W. H. Prescott 2
38. Charles V'S. Cloister Life; by W. Stirling 1
39. Chateaubriand's Memoirs; written by Himself 1
40. Chief Justices (Lives of the) by Lord Campbell 3
41. Cicero's Life and Letters 1
42. Clive's (Lord) Life; by Rev. G. R. Gleig 1
43. Cockburn's (Lord) Memorials of his Time 1
44. Columbus's Life; by Washington Irving 4
45. Court Fools (History of); by Dr. Doran 1
46. Criminal Trials in Scotland; by J. H. Barton 2
47. Cromwell (Oliver) by M. Guizot 2
48. ——Life; by T. [illeg] 2
49. ——(Richard) History; by M. Guizot, translated by A. R. Scoble 2

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50. Cureton, Elley, Wilson and others "Risen from the Ranks" or Conduct versus Caste; by Rev. E. Neale 1
51. Davis, Elizabeth, The Autobiography of a Balaclava Nurse; edited by Jane Williams 2
52. De Quinccy's (Thos.) Autobiographic Sketches 2
53. — Stael (Madame)Her Life and Times; by Maria Norris 1
54. Disraeli, a Literary and Political Biography 1
55. Distinguished Men, Social Life, Biography; by F.Arago 1
56. Dost Mohammed's Life; by Mohan Lal 2
57. Drake (Life of Sir F.); by Sir J. Barrow, and Mrs C. Meredith's Notes and Sketches of N. S. Wales 1
58. Edgeworth's (R. L.) Memoirs; by his Daughter 1
59. Eldon's (Lord) Life; by Horace Twiss 3
60. Episodes of French History during the Consulate and First Empire; by Miss Pardoe 2
61. Etty (William R. A.) His Life; by A. Gilchrist 2
62. Evelyn's (John) Diary and Correspondence; Edited by W. Bray, F. A. S 4
63. Falstaff (sir John) His Life; by Rob. B. Brough, Illustrated by Geo. Cruikshank 1
64. Fielding's (Henry) Life; with Notices of Times and Contemporaries and his Writings; by F. Lawrence 1
65. Fouche's (Joseph) Memoirs; by himself 1
66. Fox's (Charles James) Memorials and Correspondence; by Lord John Russell 2
67. Frederick the Great of Prussia: His History; by Thos. Carlye (Vols. 1 and 2) 2
68. George IV. (Diary of his Times) by J. Galt 2
69. —— Memoirs of the Court of 1820 1830 by the Duke of Buckingham and Clandos 2
70. Gibbon's (Ed.) Life; by Rev. H. H. Milman 1
71. Girondists (History of the) by A. De Lamartine 3
72. Goethe's Autobiography; by J. Oxenford & Morrison 2
73. —— Life and Works; by G. H. Lewes 2
74. Goldsmith's (Oliver) Life; by Washington Irving 1
75. Gorgei's (Arthur); Life and Acts in Hungary 2
76. Great Britain [illeg]minent Men of) by Dr. Lardner 3
77. Guizot's Memoirs to illustrate the History of the Time Vol. 1 1

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78. Hasting's Marquess Private Journals; Edited by his daughter the Marchioness of Bute 2
79. Hasting's (Warren) Life; by Rev. G. R. Gleig 3
80. Havelock (Sir Henry's) Biographical Sketch; by Rev. W. Brock 1
81. Heber's (Bp.) Indian Journal 2
82. —— Life & Correspondence; by his Widow 2
83. Hill's (Lord) Life; by Rev. E. Sidney 1
84. Hume's (D.) Life & Correspondence; by J. H. Burtoa 2
85. Humourists (English) of the 18th Century; by W.M. Thackeray 1
86. Humboldt's Life, Travels and Books; by B. Taylor 1
87. Hunt's (Leigh) Autobiography, and Reminiscences 3
88. ———revised by his Son 1
89. Inquisition (Dealings with the) by Dr. G. Achilli 1
90. Irish Union (Memoirs of the), by Sir Jonah Barrington 1
91. Japan (Captivity in), by Captain Gelownin 3
92. Jeffrey's Lord) Life; by Lord cockburn 2
93. Jerdan's (W.) Autobiography and Correspondence 4
94. Johnson's (Dr.) Life; by James Boswell 10
95. ——Lives of the English Poets; by P. Cunningham 3
96. Judges (Lives of Twelve Eminent) by W.C.Townsend 2
97. Kane's (Dr. Elisha Kent) Biography; by Wm. Elder. 1
98. Kirkaldy of Grange's (Sir W.) Memoirs & Adventures. 1
99. Kitto's (Dr John) Memoirs; by J. E. Rylands, M.A. 1
100. Larpent's (F. S.) Journal during the Peninsular War 3
101. Leo X's Life and Pontificate; by W. Roscoe 2
102. Livingston (Dr.) HisLife & Adventures; by H.G.Adams 1
103. Lord Chancellor's (Lives of the), by Lord Campbell 7
104. Louis XIV's Life and Times; by G. P. R. James 2
105. —Napoleon; Wellington in India and at Waterloo; by A. De Lamartine 1
106. Lovatt (Simon Lord) and Duncan Forbes, their Lives; by J. H. Burton 1
107. Luther's Life, by Michelet; translated by Hazlitt. 1
108. Lutfullah, A Mohamedan Gentleman's Autobiography; edited by [illeg] B. East wick 1
109. Mackintosh's (Sir James) Life; by his Sons 2
110. Mahomet's Life; by Washington Irving 1

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111. Mahomet (Lives of his Successors) by ditto 1
112. Malcolm's (Sir John) Life and Correspondence; by J.W. Kaye 2
113. Malone (Edmund) Editor of Shakespeare, His Life; by Sir James Prior 1
114. Marlborough's (Life of); by Sir A. Alison 2
115. Maucaulay's (Lord) Biographies contributed to the Encyclopædia Britannica 1
116. Men of Letters and Science; by Lord Brougham 2
117. ——of the Time, Eminent Living Characters 1
118. Metcalfe (Lord) Life & Correspondence; by J.W.Kaye. 2
119. Miller's (Hugh) My Schools and Schoolmasters 1
120. Milburn's (W. H.) Rifle, Axe, and Saddle Bags, with Life; by Rev. T. Bnrney. 1
121. Montaigue the Essayist, A Biography; by Bayle St. Johns 2
122. Moore's (Thomas) Memoirs; by Lord John Russell 6
123. Mormons (The), with Memoirs of Joseph Smith 1
124. Morgan's (Lady) Diary or Passages from Her Autobiography 1
125. Napier's (Sir C. J ) Life and Opinions; by Lt Genl. Sir W. Napier 4
126. Napoleon Dynasty; by the Berkeley-men and F. Greenwood 1
127. —— (Louis) A. Biography; by J A. St. John 1
128. —— III. by A. de la Gueronniere 1
129. Naval Biographical Dictionary; by W. R. O'Byrne 1
130. Nelson's Dispatches; by Sir N. H. Nicolas 7
131. —— Life; by Dr. Southey 1
132. Newton's (Sir Isaac) Memoirs; by Sir D. Brewster 2
133. Opium Eater (Confessions of an English) 1
134. Palmerston's Memoirs & Opinions; by G. H. Francis 1
135. Peel,(The late SirRobert) & other Critical Biographies; by G. H. Francis 1
136. Peel's (Sir Robert) Memoirs; by Earl Stanhope and Rt. Hon. E. Cardwell 2
137. Penn's (W.) Historical Biography; by Dickson 1
138. Pepy's (Samuel) Diary & Correspondence; Edited by Lord Braybrooke 1

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139. Personal Sketches; by Sir Jonah Barrington 3
140. Philip II History of his Reign; by W. H. Prescott 3
141. Pitt's (Earl of Chatham) Correspondence 4
142. Polehampton's (Rev. H.) Memoir and Diary, Edited by his brother 1
143. Queens of England, their Lives; by Miss Strickland 12
144. —— the House of Hanover; by Dr. Doran 2
145. Raffles's (Sir Stamford) Memoirs; by his Widow 1
146. Raikes (Thomas) Journal from 1835 to 1847 4
147. Redding's (Cyrus) Fifty years Recollection, Literary and Personal 3
148. Richter's (Jean P.) Life, with his Autobiography 1
149. Roger's (Samuel) Recollections of his Table Talk 1
150. Romilly's (Sir Samuel) Life and Correspondence 2
151. Scotland (Lives of the Queen's) by Agnes Strickland 8
152. Scott's Life; by J. G. Lockhart 1
153. Smith's (Sydney) Memoirs; by Lady Holland 2
154. Smith (T. Assheton) Reminiscences; by Sir John E. Eardley Wilmot 1
155. Southey's (Robt.) Life and Correspondence 6
156. Stanhope's (Lady Hester) Memoirs 3
157. Statesmen (British) by Lord Brougham 2
158. Sterling's (J.) Life; by T hos. Cailyle 1
159. Stephenson's (Geo.) Railway Engineer Life; by Samual Smiles 1
160. Talleyrand's (Prince) Life 4
161. The ConnaughtRangers (88 Foot) by Capt. W. Grattan 2
162. —— Irish Bar (Sketches of) by M. H. Curran 2
163. Vandenhoff's (Geo.) Leaves from An Actor's Note Book at Home and Abroad 1
164. Villier's (George) Duke of Buckingham, His Life and Times; by Mrs. Thomson 3
165. Wales Lives of the Princes; by Dr Doran 1
166. Walpole's Memoirs; edited by Eliot Warburton 2
167. Wellington's Dispatches; by Col. Gurwood 2
168. —— Life; by M. Brialmont, Edited by Rev. G. R. Gleig M. A 2
169. Wellington's Supplementary Despatches & Memoranda (India 1797 and 1805) Edited by his Son. 2

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170. Wellesley's (Marquis) Memoirs; by R R. Fearce 3
171. Wesley's Life, and Methodism; by Southey 2
172. West End Life, Recollections with Sketches of Society in Paris, India &c. 1
173. Wolsey's (Cardinal) Life; by J. Galt 1
174. Wycliffe and the Huguenots; by W Hanna, L L.D 1

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No. Vols
1. Astronomical Discourses; by Dr Chalmers 1
2. Bible in Spain; by Geo. Borrow 1
3. Christian and Economic Polity; by Dr. Chalmers 3
4. —— Religion and Church; by Neander 6
5. Christianity in Ceylon; by Sir J. Emerson Tennent 1
6. Commercial Discourses; by Dr. Chalmers 1
7. Congregational Sermons, by ditto 3
8. Constitution of Man; by ditto 2
9. Defence of the English Bible; by Dr. W. Fulke 1
10. Disputation on The Lord's Supper; by Abp. Cranmer 1
11. Evidences of Christianity; by Dr. Chalmers 2
12. Foreshadows; or OurLord's Miracles; by Dr.Cumming. 1
13. History of the Reformation; by Bisbop Burnett 2
14. Holy Living and Dying; by Dr. Jeremy Taylor 1
15. Life of Jesus Christ; by Neander 1
16. Miscellaneous Works; by Rev. Robert Hall 1
17. Moral and Mental Philosophy; by Dr. Chalmers 1
18. Natural Theology; by Dr. Chalmers 2
19. Physical Theory of Another Life; by Dr. Taylor 1
20. Political Economy; by Dr. Chalmers 2
21. Posthumous Works; by ditto. edited by Dr Hanna. 9
22. Religion of Geology; by Dr. Hitchcock 1
23. Romans (Lectures on the); by Dr. Chalmers 4
24. Scripture Lands and Bible Atlas; by Kitto 1
25. Tracts and Essays: by Dr. Chalmers 2
26. Works of Dr. Paley, with account of his Life and Writings; by Rev. E, Paley 4

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No. Vols.
1. A Common Place Book of Thoughts, Memories and Fancies, Original and Selected; by Mrs. Jameson 1
2. Agricultural Chemistry & Geology; by J.F.W.Johnston 1
3. Amenities of Literature; by J. D'Israeli 3
4. Arago's Popular Astronomy; translated by Admiral W. H. Smyth and R. Grant 2
5 Architecture and Painting; by John Ruskin 1
6. Arclic Miscellanies; by the Officers and Seamen of the late Polar Expedition 1
7. Art Journal for 1848 to 1854 8
8. Athenœum, Journal of Literature, &c. for 1846-9 4
9. A Woman's Thoughts about Women; by the author of John Halifax 1
10. Bacon; Francis of Verulam; by Kuno Fischer 1
11. Bank of England (History of the); by John Francis 2
12. Biographical & Critical Miscellanies; by W. Prescott 1
13. British Consuls Abroad; by Robert Fvnn 1
14. Buffon's Natural History 9
15. Burke's Works, with a Memoir 3
16. Cambridge Essays; by Members of the University for 1856 1
17. Carlyle (Passages from his Works); by T. Ballantyne 1
18. Chamber's Edinburgh Journal, for 1845 to 51 12
19. ——Pocket Miscellany (1-24) 12
20. Chemistry of Common Life; by J. F. W. Johnston. 2
21. Comic Writers; by W. Hazlitt 1
22. Companions of my Solitude 1
23. Contributions to the Edinburgh Review; by F. Jeffrey 1
24. Cosmos, or Physical Description of the Universe; by Alex. Humboldt 2

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25. Critical and Miscellaneous Essays; by Carlyle 4
26. Culture & Commerce of Cotton in India: by Dr. Royle 1
27. Curiosities of Heraldry; by M. A. Lower 1
28. ——Literature; by B. D'lsraeli 1
29. ——London Life: by C. M. Smith 1
30. Cyclopædia of English Literature: by R. Chambers. 2
31. Daughters of England; by Mrs. Ellis 1
32. De Foe's (Daniel) Works; by Hazlitt 3
33. — Quincey's (Thomas) Works 8
34. Dramatic Works; by Goethe 1
35. Edinburgh Essays; by Members of the University 1856 1
36. — Review for 1802 to 1849 77
37. Encyclopedia Britannica; edited by Prof. Napier 24
38. English Cyclopædia, conducted by C Knight—
Arts and Sciences, Vols. 1, 2 2
Biography 6
Geography 4
Natural History 4
39. Essays & Reviews; by Rev. Dr. Temple, Rev. Dr. Williams, Rev. Baden Powell, M.A., & others 1
40. Ethnographical Library—Native Races of the Indian Archipelago; by G. W. Earl 1
41. Facts, Failures and Frauds; by D. M Evans 1
42. Faith and Practice; a Treatise for Popular Use; by Rev, J. Penrose, M.A 1
43. Family Friend (New Series) 9
44. Flora Indica; by W. Roxburgh 3
45. ForeignTour of Brown, Jones & Robinson; by R.Doyle 1
46. Franklin's Works; and Memoirs by his Grandson. 6
47. French Revolution; by Carlyle 3
48. Friends in Council (a Series of Readings and Discourse thereon) 2
49 Gallery of Literary Portraits; by G. Gifillan 1
50 Goldsmith's, Works; edited by P. Cunningham 4
51. Head's (Sir Francis) Descriptive Essays contributed to the Quarterly Review 2
52. Herschels (Sir J. W.) Essays from the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews 1

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53. Heroes and Hero Worship; by Carlyle 1
54. Hints to Thinkers or Lectures for the Times; by N. E. Baxter, M.P. 1
55. Historical Essays; by T. B. Macaulay 3
56. Household Words 12
57. Illustrated London News, for 1845 to 1857 13
58. —— Times, Vols. 1-5 5
59. Information for the People; by W. & R. Chambers 2
60. Inventions (History of); by J. Beckmann 2
61. Italian Sketch Book; by Fanny Lewald 1
62. Journal of the Indian Archipelago, for 1847-51 5
63. Journalism (History of British); by Alex. Andrews 2
64. Junius's Letters; by J. Wade 2
65. Land We live in; by Charles Knight 4
66. Letters and Works; by Lady M. W. Montagu 3
67. Life Without & Life Within; or Reviews, Narratives, Essays and Poems; by Margaret T. Ossoli 1
68. Lights and Shades of Military Life; by Sir C. Napier 1
69. Lily and the Bee; by Samuel Warren 1
70. Malay Annals; by Dr. J. Leyden 1
71. Macaulay's (T. B.) Speeches, Corrected by himself. 1
72. Marvels and Mysteries of Instinct or Curiosities of Animal Life; by G. Garrett 1
73. Memorials of the Castle of Edinburgh; by J. Grant. 1
74. Men, Women and Books; by Leigh Hunt 2
75. Merrie England: Its Sports and Pastimes; by Lord W. Lennox 1
76. Microscope (Evenings at the); by P. H. Gosse 1
77. Milton's (John) Prose Works; by J. A. St. John 3
78. Millers (Hugh) Old Red Sandstone 1
79. —— Testimony of the Rocks 1
80. Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith 1
81. Miscellanies of Literature; by B D'Israeli 1
82. Mothers of England; by Mrs. Ellis 1
83. Note Book of a Naturalist; by W. J. Broderip 1
84. Notes and Queries (1st & 2nd Series) 14
85. Notulæ ad Plath as Asiaticas; by Dr. W. Griffith 3
86. Observations on the Stage; by Alfred Bunn 3
87. Once upon a Time; by Charles Knight 2

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88. Our Merchant Shipping; by W. S. Lindsay, M.P. 1
89. Oxford Essays; by Members of the University for 1837 1
90. Papers for the People; by W. and R. Chambers 3
91. Past and Present; by T. Carlyle 1
92. Pictures of Private Life: by Mrs. Ellis 3
93. Plants Collected in India (1837 to 1842). by Dr. Griffith 1
94. Plurality of Worlds (an Essay) 1
95. Posthumous Papers; by W. Griffith 3
96. Practical Sugar Planter; by Leonard Wray 1
97. Prevention better than Cure: by Mrs. Ellis 1
98. Private Journals and Travels; by Dr. W Griffith 1
99. Quarterly Review for 1809 to 1850 52
100. Rabelais's Works; by Urquhart and Motteaux 2
101. Races of Man; by Charles Pickering 1
102. Recollections of Literary Characters and Celebrated Places; by Mrs. Thomson 2
103. Recreations of Christopher North 3
104. Rise and Fail of Athens; by Bulwer 2
105. Roman Republic; by J. Michelet 1
106. Ruins of Empires; by M. Volney 1
107. Salad for the Solitary: by an Epicure 1
108. Sam Slick's Wise Saws; by J. Haliburton 2
109. Selections of Grave and Gay from the Writings of Thomas De Quincey 2
110. Shakspere's Corrections by Collier, an Inquiry; by N. E. S. A. Hamilton. 1
111. Siamese Grammar; by Captain James Low 1
112. Singapore Free Press for 1845-52 8
113. Sisters of Charity, Catholic and Protestant; by Mrs. Jameson 1
114. Sleep (Philosophy of); by Dr. R. Medhurst 1
115. Straits Times for 1845-52 8
116. Summer and Winter in the Pyrenees; by Mrs. Ellis. 1
117. SunnyMemories of Foreign Lands; by Mrs. H.B. Stowe 2
118. Table Talk; by Leigh Hunt 1
119. Technological Dictionary; by W. M. Buchanan 1
120. Thackeray's (W. M.) Miscellanies, Pruse & Verse 3

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121. The British Army; Its Administration and Organization; by E. B. de Fonblanque 1
122. The City, its Sins & Sorrows; a Series of Sermons; by Thomas Guthrie, D.D 1
123. Ultimate Civilization and other Essays; by I Taylor 1
124. Uncle Tom's Cabin (Key to); by Mrs. H. B. Stowe 1
125. Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation 1
126. Vocabulary of the Barma, Malay & Thai Languages 1
127. waterloo Campaign; by General Baron de Jomini 1
128. Wealth of Nations; by Adam Smith 3
129. Wives of England; by Mrs. Ellis 1
130. Women of England; by ditto 1
131. Works of W. S. Landor 2
132. ——Sir J. Reynolds; with Memoir by Beechy 2
133. ——F. Schiller 3
134. — Sidney Smith 3
135. Zoological Researches in Java; by J. Horsfield 2

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No. Vols.
1. A Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Mecca; by Richard F. Burton 3
2. Affghanishtan (Disasters in) 1811-12; by Lady Sale 1
3. — — (History of the War) 2
4. — — (Sale's Brigade); by Gleig; and Letters from Madras, by a Lady 1
5. Africa (Central) Travels of an Arab Merchant; by Bayle St. John 1
6. — — Narrative of a Mission in 1850-51; by James Richardson 2
7. — (Inner); by W. Desborough Cooley 1
8. — — North and Central; Travels and Discoveries during the years (1819-55) by Henry Barth, P H.D. 5
9. — (South) Missionary Travels & Researches; by Dr. D. Livingstone 1
10. — (Southern); by Lt.-Col. E Ellers Napier 2
11. African Cruiser (Journal of an); by N. Hawthorne. 1
12. — Life and Landscapes; by Bayard Taylor 1
13. Algiers (French in); and Do St. Priest's Fall of the Jesuits 1
14. Ali Khan; or Benares Massacre; by Davis 1
15. Alps (Israel of the); or the Waldenses 1
16. America (History of); by Dr. W. Robertson 2
17. —— Northern Coasts, and the Hudson's Bay Territories 1
18. —— (Western Republics of); by George Byam. 1
19. American Indian Life & Character by a Fur Trader 1
20. —— Slave States; by J. Stirling 1
21. Americans at Home; by J. Haliburton 3

[page] 15

22. Ansayrii and the Assassins in 1850-51; by Walpole 3
23. Antarctic Voyage 1839-43; by Sir J. C. Ross 2
24. Arabia (Geography of); by Rev. C. Forster 2
25. Archipelago (Indian) History; by Horace St. John 2
26. Arctic Explorations in 1853, 54 & 55; by E. K. Kane, M D., U. S. N. 2
27. Argentine Republic (24 years in the); by Col. King. 1
28. Assam and the Hill Tribes; by a Bengal Officer 1
29. Atlantic (Across the); by the Author of "Sketches of Cantabs" 1
30. Atlas to Alison's Europe; by A. K. Johnston 1
31. —— (National) of Historical, Commercial and Political Geography; by A. K. Johnston, F.R.G.I. 1
32. Australia (Central); by Captain Slurt 2
33. —— Diggings in 1850; by Dr. John Shaw 1
34. —— in 1852-53 A Lady's Visit to the Diggings; by Mrs. C. Clacy 1
35. —— (Overland Expedition 1844-45); by Dr. Leichhardt 1
36. ——The Land of Promise; by the Author of Golden Dreams. &c. 1
37. Austria; by J. G. Kohl 1
38. Ava (Embassy to); by John Crawford 2
39. Backnoods (Echoes from the); by Captain Levinge 2
40. Barbary (Lady's Diary in) 2
41. Bashi-Bazouk (Journal of a); by Lt. Col. H. M. Walmsley 1
42. Bass's Straits; The Cruise of the Beacon; by Rt. Rev. T. R. Nixon, Bishop of Tasmania 1
43. Beloochistan and Scinde; by Sir Henry Pottinger 1
44. Bengal (Rural Life); by J. Grant 1
45. Bermuda; a Colony, a Fortress, and a Prison; by a Field Officer 1
46. Bokhara in 1843-45; by Rev. Dr. Joseph Wolff 2
47. Bombay and Neighbouring Out-Stations 1
48. —— to Bushire & Bussora; by W. A. Shepherd 1
49. Borneo (Expedition) of H. M. S. "Dido"; by Captain Keppel 2
50. —— and Indian Archipelago; by F. S. Marryat 1

[page] 16

51. Brooke's (Rajah) Journals; by Capt. Mundy, R.N. 2
52. Buonaparte (Surrender of); by Captain Maitland 1
53. Burmah (Four Years in); by W. H. Marshall 2
54. Cabool (Military Operations in 1841-42); by Lieutenant V. Eyre 1
55. California and Western Coast of South America; by Dr. Coulter 2
56. Canada (Settlers in); by Captain F. Marryat 1
57. Cape and the Kafirs; by Alfred W. Cole 1
58. Caspian (Shores of the); by W. R. Holme 1
59. Cathay and China; Three Voyages in 1594-96; by Gerris De Veer 1
60. Ceylon (The Rifle and the Hound); by J. W. Baker 1
61. Chelsea Hospital and its Traditions; by Gleig 1
62. Chili, Peru, and Mexico; by Captain Basil Hall 1
63. China and Japan, Narrative of Lord Elgin's Mission in 1857, 58 & 59; by L. Oliphant 2
64. —— (Christianity in); by M. Hue 2
65. —— (Government and People); by T T. Meadow 1
66. —— in 1857-58 from "The Times" Special Correspondent; by G. W. Cooke 1
67. —— (Nemesis in); by Captain W H. Hall 1
68. —— (Political, Commercial and Social); by Martin 2
69. —— Seas and Japan; Expedition of the American Squadron (1852-54); by Dr. F. L. Hawks 1
70. —— (Tea Countries of); by Robert Fortune 1
71. —— (Wanderings in); by ditto. 1
72. Chinese, A Residence among them; by ditto. 1
73. —— Empire; by M. Hue 1
74. —— Insurrection; by M M. Callery & Yevan 1
75. Civilization (History of); by F. Guizot 3
76. Classical and Sacred Lands: by Lord Nugent 2
77. Constantinople; by Albert Smith 1
78. Consulate and Empire; by M. A Thiers 16
79. Cornhill to Cairo; by W. M. Thackeray 1
80. Crimean Army Report; by Sir J. McNeill and Colonel Tulloch 1
81. Dahomey and the Dahomans 1849-50; by F. E. Forbes 2

[page] 17

82. Danubian Principalities, a Journal; by P. O'Brien 1
83. Delhi; The Chaplain's Narrative; by Rev. J. E. W. Rotton, M.A. 1
84. —— The City of the Great Mogul; by Mrs. Colin Mackenzie 1
85. Dutch Republic, A History of its Rise; by J.L. Motley 3
86. East (Wanderings in the); by a Pilgrim 2
87. Eastern Life; by Harriet Martincau 3
88. Egypt and the Great Suez Canal; by J. B St. Hilaire 1
89. —— Under Mehemet Ali; by Prince Muskau 2
90. —— Village Life; with Sketches of the Said; by Bayle St. John 2
91. Egyptians (Modern); by Ed. W. Lane 2
92. Emigrant in Search of a Colony; by C. Rowcroft 1
93. England (Constitutional History of); by Hallam 2
94. —— During the reign of the Stuarts; by Macaulay 2
95. —— (History of) from Julius Cæsar to George II; by Hume & Smollett 10
96. —— History of the Puritans & Pilgrim Fathers; by Professor Stowell & D. Wilson 1
97. —— History of; by T. B Macaulay 4
98. —— (Pictorial History of) 16
99. England's Political Future; by the Count de Moutalembert 1
100. English in America (Republicanism in the U States); by J. Halliburton 2
101. —— Revolution of 1640; by F. Guizot 1
102. Eothen; or Eastern Travel 1
103. Eqninotical Regions; by Alex. De Humboldt 7
104. Europe Alison's History 9th Edition 12
105. —— (History of); by Sir Archibald Alison 10
106. —— —— from the Fall of Napoleon; by Sir Archibald Alison 7
107. Evenings in My Tent, or Wanderings in the African Sahara; by Rev. N. Davis, F.R.S.T.A. 2
108. Far West (Life in the); by George F. Ruxton 1
109. Ferdinand & Isabella (Reign of); by W. H. Prescott 3
110. France and Italy Supplement to Vacation Rambles in 1846; by T. N. Talfourd 1

[page] 18

111. France Restoration of the Monarchy; by A. Dc Lamarline 4
112. French Revolution from 1789 to 1814; by Miguet. 1
113. —— —— of 1818; by A. De Lamartine 1
114. Georgia, Circassia and Russia; by Lt-Col. Cameron 2
115. Gibraltar (Siege of); by Captain John Drink water; and Travels in Egypt and Nubia 1
116. Glasgow and its Clubs; by John Strang, L L D 1
117. Goa and the Blue Mountains; by Lt. R. F. Burton 1
118. Greece (Way-faring Sketches in) 1
119. Guiana (Discovery of) in 1595; by Sir. W. Raleigh 1
120. Hawaiian Islands (History of the) 1
121. Highlands and Islands; by W. H. Maxwell 2
122. —— —— of Scotland; by Anderson 1
123. Hillside and Border Sketches; by W. H. Maxwell 2
124. Himalayan Journals; or Notes of a Naturalist; by Dr. Hoo or 2
125. Himalayas (Shooting in the); by Col. F Markham, C B. 1
126. H.story of the Reformation; by J H.M. D Aubigne, translated by H Beveridge 5
]27. —— (Universal); by Hon. A Tytler 2
128. Hochelaga, or England in the New World; by Eliot Warburton 2
129. Home and Abroad; by Mrs Jameson 2
130. Hungary, History of the Protestant Church; by J. H. M D'Aubigne, D D. 1
131. —— (War in) 1848-49; by M. Schlesinger 2
132. —— (War of Independence); by Genl. Klapka. 2
133. Iceland and the Scandanavian North; by Ida Pfeiffer 1
134. India (British); by Edward Thornton 6
135. —— (Central); by Sir J. Malcolm 2
136. —— Egypt and China, (Overland Guide to); by Bradshaw 1
137. —— (Fibrous Plants of); by Dr. F. Role 1
138. —— (History of); by Hon. M. Elphinstone 2
139. —— (My Diary; by W. H. Russell 2
140. —— (North West Provinces): by Charles Raikes 1
141. —— Or Life in the Mission, Camp and Zenana; by Mrs. Colin Mackenzie 2

[page] 19

142. India Or Widow-Burning; A Narrative; by H J Busliby, H.C.C.S. 1
143. ——(Political History); by Sir J. Malcolm 2
144. ——The Rebellion; its Causes and Results; by Rev. Dr. Duff 1
145. ——The Rise of Our Empire; by Lord Mahon.. 1
146. ——(Thugs and Dacoils); A Popular Account; by J. Hutton.. 1
147. —— Tiger Shooting; by Lieut W. Race, Bombay Army.. 1
148. ——Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life; by Major W S. R Hodson; Edited by his Brother 1
149. Indian Archipelago; by John Crawford.. 3
150. ——(Notices); by J. H Moor 1
151. ——Visited in H M S. "Meander"; by Captain the Hon. H. Keppel 2
152. Indian; Army History; by Captain Rafter 1
153. ——Misgovernment; by Sir Charles Napier 1
154. Inside Sebastopol; A Journey to its Ruins 1
155. Ireland (History of); by Thomas Moore 4
156. Italian Republics; by J. C L. S. De Sismondi 1
157. Italy in 1818; by Joseph Mazzini 1
158. Jamaica; by Philip H. Gosse 1
159. Japan and the Japanese; by Charles Macfarlane 1
160 ——(Americans in); by R Tomes 1
161. ——(History of); by Dr. Engelbertus Kaempfer 2
162. Japanese Empire; by S. B. Kemish 1
163. Java (History of); by Sir Stamford Raffles 3
164. ——Researches in); by Horsfield 2
165. Julian, or Scenes in India; by the Author of Letters from Palmyra and Rome. 2
166. Kabailes of Algeria; by Dawson Borrer 1
167. Kaffraria, Correspondence of Sir G. Cathcart, Relative to his Military Operations 1
168. Kaffirland (Five Years in); by Harrlet Ward 2
169. Kars; Narrative of the Siege; by Dr. Sandwith 1
170. ——and our Captivity in Russia; by Col. Lake, C. B. 1
171. Kensington; or the Old Court Suburb; by L. Hunt 1
172. Levantine Family; by Bayle St. John 1

[page] 20

173. Life in the Trenches beforeSebastopol; by MajorPorter 1
174. London Labour and London Poor; by H. Mayhew 3
175. ——Saunterings in & about; by M. Schlesinger 1
176. Lotos Eating; or Watering Places in America; by G. W. Curties 1
177. Lucknow; A Lady's Diary of the Siege 4
178. —— Day by Day; a Journal of the Siege; by Mrs. Colonel Case 1
179. —— The Defence, A Diary; by a Staff Officer 1
180. Lybian Desert; by B. St.John; and Stokers & Pokers; by the Author of Bubbles from the Brunnens 1
181. Mahrattas (History of ); by Captain Duff 3
182. Malayan Peninsula; by Captain P. J. Begbie 1
183. Malacca (British Settlements); by Capt. Newbold. 2
184. Marco Polo's Travels, translated by Marsden 1
185. Mauritius; by the Author of Paddiana 1
186 Mayfair to Marathon; an Excursion through France, Italy and Greece 4
187. Mexico (Conquest of); and Life of Cortes; by W. H Prescott 3
188. ——(Vagabond Life in); by G. Ferry 1
189. Minnesota and the Far West; by L Oliphant 1
190. Moluccan Archipelago in 1825-26; by D. H. Kolff 4
191. Mont Blanc; The Story of; by Albert Smith 1
192. Morning Land; 1001 Days in the East; by Bodendedt. 2
193. Natal; Its Characteristics and Capabilities; by R. J Mann, M D 1
194 Naval History of Great Britain; by W. James 6
195. New South Wales; by Joseph P. Townsend 4
196. — Zealand; by W. T. Power 1
197. ——and its Colonization; by W. Swainsen (Attor. General 1
198. ——(Adventures in); by E J Wakefield. 2
199. Niger and Tsadda; Narrative of an Exploring Voyage in 1854; by W F. Barkie 4
200. Nile Notes; or American in Egypt; by G. W. Curtis 1
201. Nineveh and Babylon; by A. H Layard 1
202. ——its Remains; by ditto 2

[page] 21

203. North America, Wanderings among the Indians; by Paul Kane 1
204. ——Pacific; Exploring Expedition, or My Last Cruise; by A. W. Habersham 1
205. ——(Pictures from the); by G. F. Atkinson 1
206. ——West Passage, Discovery by Capt. R. McClure; edited by Capt. Osborn 1
207. ——(Voyages) from 1496 to 1632; by T. Rundall 1
208. Norway and its Glaciers; by Professor Forbes 1
209. Novitiate; or English Jesuits; by A. Steinmetz 1
210. Old England and New England; by Alfred Bunn 1
211. Oude: Narrative of the Mutinies; by Captain G. Hutchinson. 1
212. ——or the Private Life of an Eastern King 1
213. My Escape from the Mutinies; by a Wounded Officer. 2
214. Our Antipodes; or the Australasian Colomes; by Lt-Col G. C Mundy 3
215. Pacific in 1837 to 1849; by a Tabite Merchant 2
216. ——Ocean (Voyages to); by Capt James Cook. 2
217. Palembang and Banca; by Major H. M Court 1
218. Pampas; by Sir F. B. Head; and Schinmer's Sieges of Vienna 1
219. Paris after Waterloo; by James Simpson 1
220 —1—in 1851 (Bundle of French Sticks); by Sir F B. Head 2
221. ——Purple Tints of Character and Manners in the New Empire; by B. St. John 2
222. Parsees; Their History, Manners, Customs and Religion; by Dosabhoy Framjee 1
223. Peninsular Sketches; by W. H Maxwell 2
224. ——War; by Major Gen. Sir W.F.P. Napier 6
225. Persia (History of); by Sir J. Malcolm 2
226. —— Outram and Havelock's Campaign; by Capt G. H Hunt, 78 Highlanders 1
227. —— (Sketches of); by Sir J Malcolm 1
228. —— Travels; by Dr. Moritz Wagner 3
229. Peru (Conquest of); by W. H. Prescott 3

[page] 22

230. Philippine Islands; by Martinez De Zuniga 2
231. Pinang and P. Wellesley (Soil and Agriculture); by Lieut -Colonel Low 1
232. Pertugal & Madeira; a Visit by Lady E. S. Wortley 1
233. ——Here and There; by H Owen 1
234. Quedah, or a Journal in Malayan Waters; by Captain S. Osborn, R.N. 1
235. Rambles in the Prairies: by John Palliser 1
236. Real and Ideal; or Illustrations of Travel 2
237. Rubellion and Civil Wars; by Earl of Clarendon 2
238 Roman Empire (Fall of); by J C L S DeSismondi 2
239. ——Decline and Fall; by Gibbon, with Notes; by M Iman and Guizot 8
240. Rome; History of the Popes; by L. Rank 2
241. ——Regal and Republican; by J. Strickland 1
242. Round the World; A Sketcher's Tour; by R. Elwes 1
243. Russia; by the Marquis De Custine 1
244. —— by J. G Kohl 1
245 Salmon Casts & Stray Shots; by J. Colquhoun 2
246. Salt Lake; a Journey across the Plains to Utah; by W. Chandless 1
247. Samarang(Voyage of H M S. 1843 6); by SirE.Belcher 2
248. Sandwich Islands; by Rev. H T. Cheever 1
249. Sarawak; its Inhabitants and Productions; by Low 1
250. ——Letters from; by Mrs McDougall 1
251. Scinde (Conquest of); by Maj.-Gen. Sir W. Napier 2
252. —— (Commentary on the Conquest of; by Lieut -Colonel Outram 1
253. —— or the Unhappy Valley; by Lt. R. F. Burton 2
254. —— (Sir Charles Napier's Administration); by Major-General Sir W. Napier 1
255. Scotland: Domestic Annals; by Robert Chambers. 2
256. —— (History of); by P. F. Tytler 9
257. Scots's (History of Mary Queen of;) by F.A.Mignet 2
258. Sea Nile, Desert, and Nigritia; by Capt Peel, R.N 1
259. Senastop)l, Parliamentary Reports of the Select Committee on the State of the Army 3
260. —— The Story of the Campaign; by Lieut.-Colonel E.B. Hamley 1

[page] 23

261. Seikh War (Second)in 1818-49, by Lt. Thackwell 1
262. Selborne (Natural History of); by Rev.G. White. 1
263. Siam and Cochin China; by J. Crawford 1
264. —— (Narrative of a Residence); by F. A Neale 1
265. —— (The Kingdom and People) in 1855; by Sir John Bowring 2
266. Siberia; Narrative of 7 years Explorations and Adventures; by T. W. Atkinson 1
267. —— by a Banished Lady 2
268. Sicity; by the Author of Forty Days in the Desert. 1
269. Sierra Leone; by a Lady; Edited by Mrs. Norton 1
270. Sikhs (History of); by Captain J.D. Cunningham 1
271. South Seas (Adventures in the); by H. Melville 1
272. Spain (Gipsies of); by George Borrow 1
273 St. Domingo (Historical Survey) 1791 91 1
274. — Petersburgh; by Edward Jerrman 1
275. Sumatra (History of); by W. Marsden 1
276. ——(Mission to;) by J.Anderson 1
277. Sutledge.(War on the); by a Subaltern 1
278. Sweden; by Hans Christian Andersen 1
279. Sydney to Southampton; via South America. Panama, and United States 1
280. Syria and the Syrians; by G. M Wortabet 2
281. Tartary, Tbibet and China; by M. Hue 2
282. The Bush Boys; or the History of a Cape Farmer; by Captain M. Reid 1
283. —— Chinese & their Rebellions: by J J Meadows 1
284. —— Discovery of the North-West Passage; a Personal Narrative; by Dr A Armstrong, R N. 1
285. —Druses of the Lebanon; their Manters, Customs & History; by G. W. Chasseaud 1
286. —— Far West For Hunters; by A Ross 2
287. —— Great Sieges of History; by W Robson 1
288. —— Homes of the New World; or Impressions of America; by Frederka Bremer 3
289. ——Last of the Arctic Voyages in Search of Sir John Franklin (1852-51) under the command of Sir Edward Belcher, with Notes on Natural History; by Sir J. Richardson and other 2

[page] 24

290. The Roman Question; by E. About; translated by H. Coape 1
291. — Russian Shores of the Black Sea; by S. Oliphant 1
292. — Seat of War; Panaromic Sketches; by W. Simpson 1
293. — Timely Retreat, or A Year in Bengal before the Mutinies; by Two Sisters 2
294. — Thistle & Cedar of Lebanon; by H.R.A.Effendi 1
295. — Trans-Cauncasiau Campaign under Omar Pasha; by L. Oliphant 1
296. — Tropics; a Health Trip; by N. P Willis 1
297. — War; from the Landing at Gallipoli to the Death of Lord Raglan; by W H. Russell 2
298. — West; Wild ports; by F. Gerstaecker 1
299. Travel Thoughts & Travel Fancies; by H. Strickland 1
300. Turkey (Downfall of); by G S. Faber, B D. 1
301. Twelve Years' Military Adventure, or Memoirs of An Officer 2
302. United States Exploring Expedition (1838-42); by Captain Charles Wilkes 5
303. ——— (Letters from the); by the Hon A M. Murray 2
304. Vacation Rambles; or Three Continental Tours; by Sir T. N Talfourd 1
305. Venice (History of the Republic); by W. C Hazlitt 2
306. Victoria and the Australian Gold Mines in 18[illeg]7; by W. Westgarth 1
307. Voyages and Travels (Patch Work); by Captain Basil Hall 2
308. — (Collection of); by Captain W Dampier 4
309. — (Fragments of); by Capt in Basil Hall 1
310. Weltevreden; The Prison; and East Indian Archipelago; by W. M. Gibson 1
311. West Indian Negroes; by M. G Lewis; and Father Ripa's Residence at Pekin 1
312. Westward Ho! or the Voyages and Adventures of Sir A. Leigh in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth; by C. Kingsley 3
313. Yad Namuh; A Chapter of Oriental Life 1

[page] 25



No. Page
1. Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey; by W. Irving 1
2. Adam Bede; by George Eliot 3
3. Admirals (Two); by J. F. Cooper 1
4. After Dark; by Wilkie Collins 2
5. Agatha's Husband; A Novel; by the author of "Olive" 3
6. Agincourt; by G. P. R. James 1
7. Aid-de-Camp (Adventures of an); by Jas. Grant 2
8. Alhambra (Tales of the); by W. Irving 1
9. All in the Wrong; or Births, Deaths & Marriages; by Theodore Hook 1
10. Alroy (Wondrous Tale of); by Ben. D'Israeli 3
11. American Humour; by J. Halliburton 3
12. Anastasius, or Memoirs of a Greek; by T. Hope 2
13. Annals of the Parish; and Ayrshire Legatees; by Galt 1
14. Arabian Nights; with Notes, &c.; by E. W. Lane 3
15. Aram (Eugene); by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
16. Armstrong (Michael); by Mrs. Trollope 1
17. Astoria; or the Rocky Mountains; by W. Irving 1
18. Atherton and other Tales; by Miss M. R. Mitford 3
19. Attaché (1st & 2nd Series); by J. Halliburton 4
20. Attractive Man; by Mrs. Trollope 2
21. Augustus (Philip); by G. P. R. James 1
22. A Life's Lessons; by Mrs. Gore 3
23. — Woman's Story; by Mrs. S. C Hall 3
24. Barbauld's British Novelists:—
Belinda; by Miss Edgeworth 2
Cecelia; by Miss Burney 3
Clarissa Harlowe; by S. Richardson 8

[page] 26

Evelina; by Miss Burney 2
Humphrey Clinker; by Smollett 2
Joseph Andrews; by H. Fielding 1
Julia Mandeville; by Mrs. Brooke; and Nature and Art; by Mrs. Inchbald 1
Man As He Is Not; by R. Bage 1
Pompey; by Coventry; and Vicar of Wakefield; by Goldsmith 1
Rasselas; by Johnson, and Almoran and Hamet; by Hawkesworth 1
Robinson Crusoe; by DeFoc 2
Sir Charles Grandison; by S. Richardson 7
Spiritual Quixote; by Revd. R. Graves 2
The Female Quixote; by Mrs. Leman 2
— Old Manor House; by Charlotte Smith 2
— Man of Feeling; and Julia De Roubigne; by Mackenzie 1
— Mysteries of Udolpho; by Mrs. Radcliffe 3
— Old English Baron; by Walpole 1
—— Manor House; by Charlotte Smith 2
— Romance of the Forest; by Mrs. Radcliffe 2
— Simple Story; by Mrs. Inchbald 1
Tom Jones; by Fielding 3
Zeluco; by Dr. Moore 2
25. Barchester Towers; by Anthony Trollope 3
26. Barnabys in America; by Mrs. Trollope 2
27. Baronesses (Two); by H. C. Andersen 2
28. Barton (Mary); A Tale of Manchester Life 2
29. Battle of Life; by Charles Dickens 1
30. Beauchamp; by G. P. R. James 3
31. Belinda; by Maria Edgeworth 2
32. Betrothed; by Allesandro Manzoni 1
33. Bianca Capello; by Lady Bulwer 3
34. Birch (Doctor); by W. M. Thackeray 1
35. Birthright; by Mrs. Gore 3
36. Blake (Captain) Adventures of; by W. H. Maxwell 1
37. Bleak House; by C. Dickens 1
38. Bon Gaultier's Ballads 1
39. Bonneville (Adventures of Captain); by W. Irving 3

[page] 27

40. Borderers; by J. F. Cooper 1
41. Borgia (Cæsar); by the Author of Whitefriars 3
42. Boz (Sketches by); by C. Dickens 1
43. Brace (Ben.); by Captain Chamier 1
44. Bracebridge Hall; by Washington Irving 1
45. Brag (Jack); by Theodore Hook 1
46. Brambletye House; by Horace Smith 1
47. Bravo; by J. F. Cooper 1
48. Brigand; by G. P. R. James 1
49. Brinvilliers (Marchioness of); by Albert Smith 1
50. Bubble Family; by Lady Bulwer 3
51. Buccaneer; by Mrs. S. C. Hall 1
52. Burgundy (Mary of); by G. P. R. James 1
53. Burke (Tom); by Charles Lever 2
54. Calavar; A Romance of Mexico 2
55. Caleb Williams; by William Godwin 1
56. Canterbury Tales; by Sophia & Harriet Lee 2
57. Carew (Sir Jasper); by the Author of M. Tiernay 1
58. Cashel (Roland); by Charles Lever 1
59. Castelneau; by G. P. R. James 1
60. Castle of Ehrenstein; by ditto 3
61. —— Rackrent; by Maria Edgeworth 1
62. Caxtons; A Family Picture; by Sir E. Bulwer 3
63. Cecil, or the Adventures of a Coxcomb 1
64. Chain-bearer; by J. F. Cooper 3
65. Chateau D'If; by Alexandre Dumas 1
66. Chelsea Pensioners; by Rev. G. R. Gleig 1
67. Chess and Chess Players; by George Walker 1
68. Chimes; by Charles Dickens 1
69. Christmas Carol; by ditto 1
70. —— Greeting; by H. C. Andersen 1
71. Christie Johnstone; by Charles Reade 1
72. Chuzzlewit (Martin); by Charles Dickens 1
73. Cinq Mars; by Alfred De Vigny 1
74. Clara, or Slave Life in Europe; with a Preface; by Sir A. Alison, Bt. 1
75. Clifford (Paul); by Sir E. Bulwer 2
76. Clock Maker; by J. Halliburton 3
77. Comic History of England; by G. A. A.'Beckett 3

[page] 28

78. Comic Tales and Sketches; by W. M. Thackeray 2
79. Con Cregan; The Irish Gil Blas 2
80. Confessions of an Elderly Lady; by Lady Blessington 1
81. —— a Pretty Woman; by Miss Pardoe 3
82. Coningsby; by Ben. D'Israeli 3
83. Convict; by G. P. R. James 3
84. Copperfield (David) History of; by C. Dickens 1
85. Corinne; by Madame De Stael 1
86. Costal, or the Indian Zapotec; a Tale of Mexico; by G. Ferry 1
87. Country Curate; by Rev. G. R. Gleig 1
88. —— Quarters; with a Memoir of Lady Blessington; by Miss Power 3
89. —— Stories; by M. R. Mitford 1
90. Cricbton; by W. H. Ainsworth 1
91. Cricket on the Hearth; by Charles Dickens 1
92. Cringle's (Tom) Log; by M Scott 1
93. Cross Purposes; A Novel; by C. Sinclair 3
94. Curiosity Shop (Old); by Charles Dickens 1
95. Darnley; by G. P. R. James 1
96. Debit and Credit; A Novel; by Mrs. Malcolm 1
97. Deborah's Diary; a Sequel to Mary Powell 1
98. Deerbrook; by Harriet Martineau 1
99. Deerslayer; by J. F. Cooper 1
100. Destiny; by Miss Ferrier 1
101. De Valois (Marguerite); by Alexandre Dumas 1
102. Devereux; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
103. Devil on Two Sticks; by A. R. Le Sage 1
104. Diary of a Désennuyée; by Mrs. Gore 2
105. —— late Physician; by Dr. Samuel Warren 2
106. Discipline; by Mary Brunton 1
107. Disgrace to the Family; by W. B. Jerrold 1
108. Disowned; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
109. Doctor Antonio; by the author of Lorenzo Benoni 1
110. —— Thorne; by Anthony Trollope 3
111. Dodd Family Abroad; by C. Lever 1
ll2. Dombey and Son; by Charles Dickens 1
113. Douglas (Rose); a Scotch Minister's Daughter 2
114. Dowager; or School for Scandal; by Mrs. Gore 3

[page] 29

115. Dred; A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp; by Mrs. H. B. Stowe 1
116. Easy (Midshipman); by Captain F. Marryat 1
117. Edinburgh Tales; by Mrs. Johnstone 3
118. English Hearts and English Hands; or the Railway and the Trenches 1
119. Entail; bv J. Galt 1
120. Eric; A Tale of Roslyn School; by F. W.Farrar. 1
121. Ernstein (Morely); by G. P. R. James 1
122. Esmond by W. M. Thackeray 3
123. Eyre (Jane); by Currcr Bell 3
124. Falkland; by Sir E. Bulwer 1
125. Family Romance; by Sir B. Burke 2
126. Fardorougha the Miser; by W. Carleton 1
127. Fashionable Life (Tales of); by M. Edgeworth 5
128. Fawn of Spring Vale & other Talcs; by W. Carleton 3
129. Fawkes (Guy); by W. H. Ainsworth 1
130. Femme de Chambre; by Countess Blessington 3
131. Fern Leaves from Fanny's Porifolio; by the Sister of N. P. Willis 2
132. Field (Caleb); by the Author or Margaret Maitland. 1
133. Fielding (Henry) Works, Complete 1
134. Fleetwood; by William Godwin 1
135. Forest Days; by G. P. R. James 1
136. — Life; by Mrs. Kirkland 2
137. — and Game Law Tales; by H. Martineau 3
138. Forgery; by G. P. R James 3
139. Forster (Newton); by Captain F. Marryat 1
140. Fortunes of Glencore; by Charles Lever 3
141. Frankenstein; by Mary W.Shelley; and Edgar Huntley; by C. B. Brown 1
142. Frank Fairleigh; or Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil 1
143. Gaol Chaplain (Experiences of a) 1
144. Genevieve; by A. De Lamartine 1
145. Gent, Ballet Girl & Stuck-up People; by A. Smith 1
146. Gentleman of the Old School; by G. P. R. James. 1
147. General Bounce, or the Lady and the Locusts;by G. J. W. Melville 3

[page] 30

148. George, or the Isle of France; by Dumas 1
149. Ghost Seer; by Frederick Schiller 1
150. Gil Blas; by Alain Rene Le Sage 2
151. Gipsy; by G. P. R. James 3
152. Godolphin; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
l53. Good in Every Thing; a Tale; by Mrs Foot 2
154. Gowrie; by G. P. R. James 1
155. Grace Lee; A Tale; by Julia Kavanagh 3
156. Graham (Margaret); by G. P. R. James 2
157. Grand(Digby) An Autobiography; by G J W.Melville 2
158. Great Hoggarty Diamond; by W. M. Thackeray 1
159. Grey (Vivian); by Ben. D'Israeli 4
160. Guise (Henry of); by G. P. R. James 1
161. Gurney (Gilbert): by Theodore Hook 1
l62. —— Married; by ditto 1
163. Gwynne (Knight of); by Charles Lever 1
164. Hajji Baba in England; by James Morier 1
165. Hargrave; by Mrs. Trollope 3
166. Harrington; by Maria Edgeworth 1
167. Harold; by Sir K. L. Bulwer 3
168. Hartz (Rambles in the); by H. C. Anderson 1
169. Hassan; or the Child of the Pyramid, an Egyptian Tale; by the Hon. C. A. Murray, C.B. 2
170. Hastings (Reginald); by Elliot Warburton 3
171. Haunted Man & the Ghost's Bargain; by C. Dickens 1
172. Headlong Hall; Night-Mare Abbey; Marian; and Crotchet Castle; by J. Peacock 1
173. Headsman; by J. F. Cooper 1
174. Heartsease; or the Brother's Wife; by the author of "The Heir of Redclyffe" 2
175. Heidenmauer; by J. F. Cooper 1
176. Heidelberg; by G. P. R. James 3
177. Heiress of Bruges; by T. C. Grattan 1
178. H. Family; by F. Bremer 2
179. Highways and Byeways; by T. C. Grattan 2
180. Hinton (Jack); by Charles Lever 1
181. Home; by F. Bremer 2
182. Homeward Bound; by J. F. Cooper 1
183. Huguenot; by G. P. R. James 1

[page] 31

184. Hungarian Brothers; by Anna Maria Porter 1
185. Hurry-Graphs; by N. P. Willis; House of the Seven Gables; by Hawthorne 1
186. Hypatia; or New Foes with an Old Face; by C. Kingsley 1
187. Idler; Flirt; and Bowl of Punch; by Albert Smith 1
188. Irish Character (Sketches of); by Mrs. S. C. Hall 1
189. —— Peasantry (Tales & Sketches); by W.Carleton 1
190. —— —— (Trails A Stories); by ditto 2
191. —— Sketch Book; by W. M. Thackeray 2
192. Italy (Pictures from); by Charles Dickens 1
193. It'is Never too late to Mend; a Matter of Fact Romance; by C. Reade 1
194. Jacob Faithful; by Captain F. Marryat 1
195. Jacqueline of Holland; by T. C. Grattan 1
196. Japhet in Search of a Father; by ditto 1
197. John Halifax, Gentleman; by the author of "Nothing New" 3
198. —— Marston Hall; by G. P. R. James 1
199. KateCoventry, an Autobiography; by G.J.W. Melville 1
200. Kickleburys on the Rhine; by W. M. Thackeray 1
201. King's Highway; by G. P. R. James 1
202. —— Own; by Captain F. Marryat 1
203. Ladies of Bever Hollow; by the Author of "Mary Powell" 2
204. Lancashire Witches; by W. H. Ainsworth 1
205. Last Days of Pompeii; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
206. —— of the Barons; by ditto 3
207. ——— Fairies; by G. P. R. James 1
208. Lavengro; the Scholar; the Gipsy; the Priest; by George Borrow 3
209. Ledbury (Adventures of Mrs.); by Albert Smith 3
210. Lee's (Lady) Widowhood; by Captain Hamley 2
211. Leila, &c.; by Sir E. Bulwer 1
212. Leonora; by Maria Edgeworth 1
213. Letter Bag of the Great Western; by J. Halliburton 1
214. Lewis Arundel; by Frank E. Smedley 1
215. Life Here and There; by N. P. Willis 1
216. —— (Sketches from); by L. Blanchard 3

[page] 32

217. Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life; by Wilson 1
218. Lincoln (Lionel); by J. F. Cooper 1
219. Lindsay (Margaret) Trials of; by Prof. Wilson 1
220. Lilliesleaf; being a concluding Series of Passages in the Life of Mrs. Margaret Maitland 1
221. Little Ball O'Fire; by G. P. R. James 1
222. —— Dorrit; by C. Dickens 2
223. Locke (Alton); Tailor & Poet; an Autobiography. 2
224. Lord Montagus' Page; a Historical Romance; by G. P. R. James 3
225. Lorimer (Clement); by A. B. Reach 1
226. Lorrequer (Harry); by Charles Lever 1
227. Love and Mesmerism; by Horace Smith 3
228. Lucretia; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 3
229. Magician; by Leitch Ritchie 1
230. Maltravers (Ernest); by Sir E. L. Bulwer 2
231. Maitland (Margaret); written by herself 3
232. Mamelukes; a Romance of Life in Grand Cairo; by A. A. Paton 3
233. Man at Arms; by G. P. R. James 1
234. — in the Moon; by A. B. Reach 5
235. — made of Money; by Douglas Jerrold 1
236. Mansfield Park; by Jane Austen 1
237. Marriagr; by Miss Ferrier 1
238. Married for Love; by the author of "CousinGeoffrey" 3
239. Masterman Ready; by Captain F. Marryat 3
240. Masterton (Henry); by G. P. R James 1
241. Maurice Tiernay; by the author of "Sir J. Carew" 1
242. Maxwell; by Theodore Hook 1
243. Merkland, a Story of Scottish Life; by the author of "Margaret Maitland" 3
244. Midge (Cruise of the); by M. Scott 1
245. Mildmay (Frank); by Captain F. Marryat 2
246. Miser's Daughter; by W. H. Ainsworth 1
247. Mohicans (Last of the); by J. F. Cooper 1
248. Money Lender; by Mrs. Gore 3
249. Monte Christo (Count of); by Alexander Dumas 2
250. Month; illustrated by Leech; by Albert Smith 1
251. Mosses from an old Manse; by N. Hawthorne 1

[page] 33

252. Mothers and Daughters: by Mrs. Gore 1
253. Muscovite (Memoirs of a); by Lady Bulwer 3
254. My Novel, of Varieties in English Life; by Bulwer 4
255. Mysteries of Paris; by Eugene Sue 3
256. Nature and Human Nature; by Judge Haliburlon 2
257. Neighbours; by F. Bremer 2
258. Nickleby (Nicholas); by Charles Dickons 1
259. Night and Morning; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
260. Norbanger Abbey; by Jane Austen 1
261. Nothing New, Tales; by the Author of "J. Halifax" 2
262. Now and Then; by Dr. Samuel Warren 1
263. O Donoghue (The); by Charles Lever 1
264. —Hara Family (Tales by the); by John Banim 3
265. —Leary (Arthur); by Charles Lover 1
266. —Malley (Charles); by ditto 2
267. —More (Rory); by Samuel Lover 1
268. —Sullivan (Captain); by W. H. Maxwell 3
269. Old Judge; by J. Halliburton 2
270. — Saint Paul's; by W. H. Ainsworth 1
271. One and Twenty; by the author of the "House of Elmore" 3
272 —in a Thousand; by G. P. R. James 1
273. Orphans; A Chapter in Life; by the author of "Margaret Maitland" 1
274. Ormond; by Maria Edgeworth 1
275. Our Street; by W. M. Thackeray 1
276. Pacha of Many Tales; by Captain F. Marryat 1
277. Paris Sketch Book; by W. M. Thackeray 2
278. Parson's Daughter; by Theodore Hook 1
279. Pastor's Fire Side; by Jane Porter 2
280. Pathfinder; by J. F. Cooper 1
281. Patronage; by Maria Edgeworth 3
282. Pelham; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
283 Pen Owen 1
284. —and Pencil Pictures; by T. Hood 1
285. Pendennis; by W. M. Thackeray 2
286. People I have Mc[illeg]; by N. P. Willis 1
287. Percy Blake; or the Young Rifleman;by Captain Rafter 3

[page] 34

288. Perkins' (Mrs.) Ball; by W. M. Thackeray 1
289. Petticoat Government; by Mrs. Trollopo 3
290. Philip Rollo or the Scottish Musketeers; by J. Grant 2
291. Phillips (Jessie); by Mrs. Trollope 1
292. Physician (Memoirs of a); by A. Dumas 3
293. Pickwick Papers; by Charles Dickens 1
294. Pictures of the First French Revolution; by A. De Lamartinc 1
295. Pilgrims of the Rhine; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
296. Pilot; by J. F. Cooper 1
297. Pioneers; by ditto 1
298. Poor Jack; by Captain F. Marryat 1
299. Pottleton Legacy; by Albert Smith 1
300. Prairie; by J. F. Cooper 1
301, Precaution; by ditto 1
302. President's Daughter; by F. Bremer 3
303. Pride and Prejudice; by Jane Austen 1
304. Privateers-man; by Captain F. Marryat 2
305. Progress and Prejudice; A Novel; by Mrs. Gore 3
306. Provost, and other Tales; by J. Galt 1
307. Pultuney (Peregrine); by J. W. Kaye 3
308. Punch; or the London Charivari 21
309. Quinland; or Varieties; an American Life 2
310. Rattlin the Reefer; by E. Howard 1
311. Rebecca and Rowena; by W. M. Thackeray 1
312. Recluse of Norway; by A. M. Porter 1
313. Red Rover; by J. F. Cooper 1
314. Rides and Reveries of Mr. Alsop Smith by Martin F. Tupper 1
315. Rienzi; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1
316. Robber; by G. P. R. James 1
317. Romance of the Forum (Second Series); by P. Burke 2
318. ——- War; by James Grant 4
319. Rookwood; by W. II. Ainsworth 1
320. Rudge (Barnaby); by C. Dickens 1
321. Russel; by G. P. R. James 3
322. Ruth; by the author of Mary Barton 3
323. Sandboys (Mr. & Mrs.) at the Great Exhibition; by Henry Mayhew 1

[page] 35

324. Satanstoe; by J. F. Cooper 3
325. Savage (Richard); by Charles Whitehead 1
326. Sayings and Doings; by Theodore Hook 3
327. Scalp Hunters; by Captain M. Reid 3
328. Scenes of Clerical Life; by George Eliot 2
329. Scottish Cavalier; by Captain James Grant 2
330. ——Chiefs; by Jane Porter 2
331. Self; by Mrs. Gore 3
332. — Control; by Mary Brunton 1
333. Sense and Sensibility; by Jane Austen 1
334. Sheppard (Jack); by W. H. Ainsworth 1
335. Shirley; by Currer Bell 3
336. Simple (Peter); by Captain F. Marryat 1
337. —— Story; and Nature & Art; by Mrs. Inchbald 1
338. Sketch Book; by Washington Irving 2
339. Sketches of English Character; by Mrs. Gore 2
340. Smollett's Works, 1
341. Smuggler; by G. P. R. James 3
342. —— by John Banim 1
343. Snarley Yow; by Captain F. Marryat 3
344. Snobs (Book of); by W. M. Thackeray 1
345. Soldier on Service; by W. H. Maxwell 2
346. ——of Lyons; by Mrs. Gore 1
347. Spain (Legends of the Conquest of); by W. Irving 1
348. Spy; by J. F. Cooper 1
349. Squanders of Castle Squander; by W. Carleton 2
350. Step Mother; by G. p. R. James 3
351. Stewart (Katie) A True Story 1
352. Still Waters; by the author of "Dorothy" 2
353. Stonecutter of St. Point; by A. De Lamartine 1
354. Storied Traditions of Scottish Life; by A. Leighton 1
355. St. Giles and St. James; by Douglas Jerrold 1
356. — James's, or the Court of Queen Anne; by W. H. Ainsworth 1
357. — Leon; by W. Godwin 1
358. — Patrick's Eve; by Charles Lever 1
359. Stuart of Dunl[illeg]th; by Hon'ble Mrs. Norton 3
360. ——(Arabella); by G. P. R. James 1
361. Student; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 1

[page] 36

362. Sybil; by Ben. D'Israeli 3
363. Tadpole (Christopher); by Albert Smith 1
364. Tales and Sketches, and the Raven; by E. A. Poe 1
365. —— from Blackwood (Vols. 1-6) 6
366. —— of Mystery and Poems; by E. A. Poe 1
367. ——(Moral); by Maria Edgeworth 2
368. ——(Popular); by ditto 2
369. —— of a Traveller; by Washington Irving 2
370. Tancred, or the New Crusade; by Ben. D'lsraeli 3
371. Temple (Henrietta); by ditto 3
372. Tenant of Wildfell Hall; by Acton Bell 3
373. Ten Thousand a Year; by Dr. Samuel Warren 3
374. Thaddens of Warsaw; by Jane Porter 1
375. The Bivouac, or Stories of the Peninsular War; by W. H. Maxwell 1
376. —— Coldstreams & the Musqueteers; by T. Litchfield 3
377. —— Colville Family; a Christmas Story; by F. E. Smedley 1
378. —— Daisy Chain; a Family Chronicle; by the Author of the "Heir of Redclyffe" 1
379. —— Dead Secret; by Wilkie Collins 2
380. —— Days of My Life; by the author of "Margaret Maitland" 3
381. —— Good Old Times; a Tale of Auvergne; by the author of "Mary Powell" 1
382. —— Hobbies; A Novel; by Julia Kavanagh 3
383. —— Interpreter; a Tale of the War; by G. J. W. Melville 1
384. —— Lancers of Lynwood; by the author of "Heartsease" 1
385. —— Light of Other Days; by J. E. Reade 3
386. —— Linesman, or Service in the Guards and Line; by Colonel E. Napier 3
387. —— Martins of Cro' Martin; by Charles Lever 2
388. —— Newcomes; Edited by A. Pendennis, Esq. 2
389. —— Next-Door Neighbours; by the author of "Belgravia" 3
390. —— Professor; A Tale; by Currer Bell 2
391. —— Quiet Heart; by the author of "Katie Stewart 1
392. —— Recruit; a Tale of the Present War 1

[page] 37

393. The Romany Rye; a Sequel to "Lavengro";by George Borrow 2
394. — Rose and the Ring; by W. M. Thackeray 1
395. — Scholar & theTrooper; a Tale of theGreatRebellion 1
396. — Scouring of the White Horse; by the author of "Tom Brown's School Days" 1
397. — Season Ticket; by Sam Slick 1
398. — Star Chamber; by W. H. Ainsworth 2
399. — Three Clerks; A Novel; by A Trollope 3
400. — Two Aristocraces; A Novel; by Mrs. Gore 3
401. — Wetherbys (Father and Son); by J. Lang 1
402. — Wide Wide World; by Elizabeth Wetherell 1
403. — World and His Wife, a Photographic Novel;by Lady Bulwer Lytton 3
404. There & Back Again in Search of Beauty; by St. John 2
405. Thirty Years Since; by G. P. R. James 1
406. Thornton (Cyril); by Captain Hamilton 1
407. Three Courses and a Dessert; by G. Cruikshank 1
408. Todd (Lawrie); by John Galt 1
409. Tom Brown's School Days; by An Old Boy 1
410. Tour on the Prairies; by Washington Irving 1
411. Tower of London; by W. H. Ainsworth 1
412. Traits and Stories of Anglo-Indian Life;by Lieut.-Colonel Addison 1
413. Tremenbere (Miles); by A. M. Maillard 2
414. Trevelyan; by Lady Charlotte Bury 1
415. Twice Told Tales; by N. Hawthorne 1
416. Twist (Oliver); by Charles Dickens 3
417. Two Years Ago; by Rev. C. Kingsley 3
418. Tylncy Hall; by Thomas Hood 1
419. Tyrrell (Charles); or the Bitter Blood;by G. P. R. James 1
420. Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Negro Life in America;by H. B. Stowe 1
421. Valentine McClutchy, the Irish Agent; by W. Carleton 3
422. Valerie, An Autobiography; by Captain Marryat 2
423. Vanity Fair; by W. M. Thackeray 1
424. Vathek, and Castle of Otranto; by H. Walpole;and Bravo of Venice; by J, M, Lewis 1

[page] 38

425. Venetia; by Ben. D'Israeli 3
426. Very Successful; by Lady Bulwer Lytton 3
427. Vicar of Wrexhill; by Mrs. Trollope 1
428. Villette; by Currer Bell 3
429. Wanderer and his Home; by A. De Lamartine 1
430. Wandering Jew; by Eugene Sue 3
431. Water Witch; by J. F.Cooper 1
432. Waverley Novels; by Sir W. Scott, 18 vols: —
Abbot 2
Anne of Geierstein 2
Antiquary 2
Betrothed 1
Bride of Lammermoor 2
Castle Dangerous and Surgcon's Daughter 1
Count Robert of Paris 2
Fair Maid of Perth 2
Fortunes of Nigel 2
Guy Mannering 2
Heart of Midlothian 2
Highland Widow and Two Drovers 1
Ivanhoe 2
Kenil worth 2
Legends of Montrose 1
Monastery 2
Old Mortality 2
Peveril of the Peak 3
Pirate 2
Quentin Durward 2
Redgauntlet 2
Rob Roy 2
St. Ronan's Well 2
Talisman 1
Waverley 2
Woodstock 2
433. Wedgebone (Penelope); and the Man who eloped with his Wife; by Lieut.-Col. Hort 1
434. What will he do with it; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 4
435. White Boy; by Mrs. S. C. Hall 2
436, Whitehall; by the author of "Whitefriars" 1

[page] 39

437. Widow and Marquess; by Theodore Hook 1
438. — Barnaby; by Mrs. Trollope 1
439. — Married; by ditto 3
440. Wild Flower; by the author of "The House of Elmore" 3
441. — Irish Girl; by Lady Morgan 1
442. William the Conqueror; A Historical Romance; by General Sir C. Napier, G.C B. 1
443. Woman's Friendship; A Story of Domestic Life; by Grace Aquilar 1
444. — Trials (Tales of); by Mrs. S. C. Hall 1
445. Woffington (Peg); by Charles Reade 1
446. Wuthering Heights; and Agnes Grey; by Ellis and Acton Bell 3
447. Wylie (Sir Andrew); by J. Galt 1
448. Young Love; by Mrs. Trollope 3
449. — Men, Women and Couples; by Quiz 1
450. Zanoni; by Sir E. L. Bulwer 3
451. Zenobia; or the Fall of Palmyra 1
452. Zobrab the Hostage; by James Morier 1

[page] 40



No. vols
1. Ainsworth's (W. H.) Ballads, Romantic, Fantastical, and Humorous 1
2. Aurora Leigh; by Elizabeth B. Bunning 1
3. Aytoun's (W. E.) Lays of Scottish Cavaliers and other Poems 1
4. Beaumont and Fletcher's Works; with an Introduction; by Geo. Darley 2
5. Bell's Annotated Edition of Butler's Poetical Works 2
6. ———— Ben Johnson 1
7. ———— Chaucer's 8
8. ———— Cowper's 3
9. ———— Dryden 3
10. ———— John Oldham 1
11. ———— Sir T. Wyatt 1
12. ———— Shakspeare's Poems 1
13. ———— Surrey 1
14. ———— TheSongs of the Dramatists 1
15 ———— Thomson's 2
16. ———— Waller 1
17. Beranger's (Pierre Jean) Lyrical Poems 1
18. Bothwell, A Poem; by Professor Aytoun 1
19. Burn's (Robert) Works & Life; by A. Cunningham 1
20. Byron's (Lord) Works 1
21. — Works, Murray's Edition 6
22. Chaucer's(Geoffrey)Poems; with anEssay; byTyrwhitt 1
23. Coleridge's (S. T.) Poems; Edited by Derwent and Samuel Coleridge 1
24. ———— Dramatic Works, Edited by Derwent Coleridge 1
25. Crabbe's(Rev.Geo.)Works; with his Life; by his Son 8

[page] 41

26. Dramatic Scenes and other Poems (Illustrated) by B. Cornwall 1
27. Early Dramas and Romances; by Frederick Schiller 1
28. Ellesmere's Pilgrimage and other Poems 1
29. Hunt's (Leigh) Poems 1
30. Johnson's(B.) Works; with a Memoir; by W. Gifford 1
31. King Arthur; by Sir E. Bulwer Lytton 1
32. Lays of Ancient Rome; by T. B. Macaulay 1
33. Longfellow's Poetical Works(illustrated) by J. Gilbert 1
34. ——(H. W)Miles Standish & other Poems 1
35. Mackay's (Charles) Lump of Gold and other Poems 1
36. Massinger & Ford's Works; with an Introduction; by Hartley Coleridge 1
37. Maud and Other Poems; by A. Tennyson 1
38. Moore's (T.) Poetical Works; collected by Himself 10
39. New Timon; by Sir E. Bulwer Lytton 1
40. Patmore's (Coventy) Angel in the House 1
41. Poems; by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell 1
42. ——by Alexander Smith 1
43. Rejected Addresses; by James & Horace Smith 1
44. Roscoe's (W. C.) Poems and Essays; Edited by R. H. Hutton 2
45. Rhymes and Recollections; by William Thom 1
46. Scott's (Sir W.) Poetical Works 6
47. Shakespeare's Plays; Edited by Charles Knight 12
48. Sheridan's Dramatic Works; with a Memoir of his Life 1
49. Song of Hiawatha; by H. W. Longfellow 1
50. Sons of the Soil; by Mrs. Ellis 1
51. Southey's Poetical Works; Collected by Himself 10
52. Spencer's (Edmund) Works; with his Life; by the Rev. H. J. Todd 1
53. Talfourd's Dramatic Works 1
54. Tennyson's In Memoriam and other Poems 1
55. ——Poems (9th Edition) 1
56. ——Princess; A Medly 1
57. Van Artevelde (Philip); by Henry Taylor 1
58. Wycherley, Congrove, Vanburgh & Farquhar; with Notices; by Leigh Hunt 1

[page break]






Singapore Library.



A. LOGAN, Esquire.




W. H. READ, Esq.

J. C. SMITH, Esq., Secy, & Treasurer.

[page 1]




I.—Each Proprietor on his admission shall pay a contribution of Forty Spanish dollars.

II.—All persons who may hereafter desire to become Proprietors shall make application to the Secretary, who shall immediately prepare a Circular notifying the application to the Committee, and circulate the same to the members of the Committee for their votes; when, if the assent of three-fourths of the members shall be signed on the said Circular, the Secretary shall intimate his admission to the applicant, who shall thereupon sign his name in a book to be kept by the Secretary for that purpose, and pay such entrance money as shall be annually fixed at the General Meeting of Proprietors.

III.—All books and other articles purchased by the funds of the Library shall be the common property of the Proprietors. Each share shall be indivisible, and shall be held by one person only; but, subject to this provision, a Proprietor shall be at liberty to dispose of his share to any person approved of by the Committee of Management. Every share which, on the death of its holder, shall not vest in a single successor by virtue of a testamentary disposition, shall be inherited by and be the sole properly of the eldest of his next of kin. Whenever a Proprietor residing in Singapore shall have failed to pay his monthly subscription for two months together, his default shall de facto operate as a relinquishment of his interest in the Library, and his share shall accordingly lapse. But, if at the General Meeting

[page] 2

of Proprietors held next after such lapsing of a share, the meeting shall be satisfied that his neglect to pay his subscription has not been wilful and is excusable, they may re-admit him as a Proprietor, and exempt him from payment of the entrance money.

IV.—The Library shall he considered a permanent public institution, and shall only be dissolved on the resolution to that effect of three-fourths of the whole of the Proprietors, whose consent to such dissolution shall be signified in writing by themselves or their duly authorized agents, and the common property in such event shall, after payment of all debts due on account Library, be divided equally amongst the Proprietors.

V.—An Annual Meeting of Proprietors shall be held in the month of September on a day to be fixed by the Committee of Management, when the Committee of Management shall make a written report on the Treasurer's Accounts, the state of the Library, and its general progress during the preceding year, and suggest such general matters as they may think fit to lay before the meeting, and the meeting shall consider the same, and any other subject that may be brought before it. Resolutions carried by a majority of the meeting shall be binding on the Proprietors generally.

VI.—Resident Proprietors, who are prevented from attending the Annual Meetings, shall be at liberty to vote by proxy, if the necessary authority be produced in writing, and be held by another Proprietor.

VII.—A Secretary and a Treasurer of the Library, and a Committee of seven Proprietors, including the Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be ex-officio members, shall be appointed at the Annual Meeting, for the management of the Library during the ensuing year.

VIII.—The Committee of Management shall, immediately after the General Meeting is over, hold a meeting, when they shall elect a Chairman,

IX.—The Committee shall meet quarterly, but other Special Meetings may be called by the Secretary on the requisition of two or more of the Committee, or when he shall require their resolution or opinion for his guidance. He shall give not less than 24 hours' notice of all such meetings. At such meetings

[page] 3

three members shall form a quorum. He may also require the opinion or resolution of the Committee by a Circular.

X.— The duties of the Committee shall be to take a general management of the Library,to direct the Secretary, to order books, to audit the Treasurer's accounts half-yearly, to consider applications for admission as Proprietors or Subscribers of the 1st and 2nd Classes, and to grant or reject the same, and to sanction or disallow the transfer of shares to individuals whom Proprietors are desirous of substituting in their place under Rule III.

XI.— The Committee of Management shall have power to fill up any vacancy which may occur in their number, or in the office of Secretary or Treasurer, before the meeting of Proprietors in September, when the annual election of office-bearers takes place.

XII.— The Committee of Management shall have power to obtain the opinion or resolution of the Proprietors by a circular on any matter connected with the management of the Library (not interfering with the existing rules thereof); and such opinion or resolution shall be binding on the Proprietors generally if it have received the assent of a majority of the resident Proprietors, save in cases of levying calls for money beyond the established monthly subscription, when the sanction of not less than three-fourths of the resident Proprietors shall be necessary to render such resolution binding on the Proprietors generally.

XIII.—It will be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of the proceedings of the Committee, to conduct the correspondence, to call meetings, to carry the resolutions of the General Meetings and of the Committee into effect, and generally to manage the Library under the superintendence of the Committee.

XIV.—At the Annual General Meeting a Treasurer shall be chosen from the Proprietors, who shall sign all bills for entrance money and subscriptions, and on the 15th of each month receive all money from the Librarian that shall have been collected by him, and make remittances to the London Bookseller, and all other necessary disbursements, on the written order of the Chairman of the Committee of Management and the Secretary. The Treasurer shall keep regular accounts and vouchers of all monies received and disbursed by him, which shall be laid before the Committee of Management half-yearly, on days to be fixed by them.

[page] 4

XV.—A Librarian shall be engaged by the Committee of Management to take care of the books on a monthly salary to be fixed by the Committee of Management. He shall be allowed a further monthly sum, to be fixed by the Committee, for a peon to be employed, by him, and for whom he shall be responsible. The Librarian shall give out the books to Subscribers according to the Bye-Laws, and perform such other duties as shall from time to time be directed by the Secretary. He shall make out the monthly subscription bills, and transmit the same to the Treasurer for his signature, and the after collect the same in the manner directed in Rule XVI.

XVI.—All bills shall be presented to Subscribers for payment before the 15th of the month for which they are made out, on which day the Librarian shall render an account of the money collected by him, and pay the same over to the Treasurer. He shall also band in a list of bills unpaid by Proprietors or Subscribers, and shall retain the bills until the 20th of the month, but without again presenting the same, when if they shall not have been paid be shall give them to the Treasurer, on whose report to the Secretary, the latter shall order the Librarian to suspend giving out books to the person making default. In the case of a Proprietor, if, prior to the expiry of two months from the 15th of the month on which he has first failed to pay his subscription, the Treasurer shall not intimate that his arrears have been paid up, the Secretary shall record in the Minute Book that his share has lapsed in virtue of Rule III; and, in the case of subscribers of the 1st and 2nd Classes, if the arrears have not been paid up before the meeting of the Committee, the Secretary shall report the names of defaulters, who shall be ordered to be struck off the list of subscribers, and the arrears recovered by the Treasurer without delay, and such defaulters shall not be again admitted to become subscribers unless at the written recommendation of ten Proprietors.

XVII.—That with a view to allow residents who are not Proprietors to participate in the benefits of this institution, two additional classes of subscribers shall be formed, who shall be admitted in the following manner, and shall be designated Class 1. They shall write their names in a book to be kept by the Librarian for that purpose, and their application shall also be

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signed by a Proprietor, who shall guarantee the due return of all books, &c. received by them from the Library; the Librarian shall then immediately prepare a circular notifying the application to the Committee, which shall be signed by the Secretary, and circulated to the Managing Committee for their votes, when, if a consent of a majority of the members shall be signed on the said circular, the Secretary shall intimate his admission to the applicant, and the Librarian shall on the same day send a bill for the current month's subscription, and shall not give out any books until the same is paid.

XVIII.—Proprietors (when resident in Singapore) and subscribers of Class I shall pay Two dollars, and subscribers of Class II shall pay One dollar monthly.

XIX.—A fee of Five dollars shall be payable for the benefit of Library on the transfer of every share, whether by purchase or gift. Such fee to be paid by the party to whom the share is transferred.

XX.—Subscribers of Class II shall not be allowed to take out any work or periodical that has not been Six Months in the Library, nor more than one of each at a time.

XXI.—The bookseller in London who shall be employed by the Library shall have a standing order to send monthly supplies of new publications to a certain limited amount. The monthly supplies shall consist of the following classes of works:—

1.—The leading reviews and magazines, &c., and two or more leading weekly or monthly London newspapers.

2.—Approved new novels, travels, and other popular new works of general literature.

"The Friend of India," and a leading weekly Bombay and Madras and China paper shall also be procured.

Standard works included in Class II already published, and standard works in other departments of literature, whether new or old, shall only be procured on the order of the Secretary, authorised by the Committee of Management.

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1.—The Library shall be open every day in the week, Sundays and holidays excepted,for the use of subscribers, from 10 A.M. until 5 P.M., during which time the Assistant Librarian shall be in attendance for the purpose of issuing and receiving books.

2.—Each set of books in the Library shall be regularly numbered alphabetically, according to its class, and a catalogue of the books, with their corresponding numbers marked, shall be furnished to each subscriber.

3.—Proprietors and Subscribers of Class I shall only be allowed to have in their possession at one time Two Works and One Periodical

4.—The periods during which Proprietors and Subscribers shall be allowed to retain books in their possession shall be the following:—

A Folio or Quarto Fourteen Days,
An Octavo or Duodecimo, or smaller size Eight Days.
New Novels and Periodicals, for 3 Months after their receipt by the Library, for each volume Two Days.
Other New Works Three Days.

when they must be returned to the Library; and should no application be registered by another party, they can be again taken out by the same subscriber for a similar period.

5.—Proprietors and Subscribers retaining books in their possession beyond the time marked in the book for its retention, and after intimation by the Librarian that the book is required, shall be subject to a penalty of Ten Cents per day, and the name of the Proprietors or Subscriber so offending shall be placed at the bottom of

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the list of applications for new works; and no new works shall be issued to such Proprietor Subscriber until the fine is paid. The Secretary is empowered to enforce this rule.

6.—On the arrival of new books and periodicals, immediate notice thereof shall be given to the Proprietors and Subscribers of Class I, and the books and periodicals shall remain in the Library two days for inspection; after which they shall be given out in the order of application.

7.—All books shall cease to be considered as new books after they have been six months in the Library.

8.—The notices shall be sent round in the following order:—first to the Proprietors, and secondly to the Subscribers of Class I; and the members of each of these divisions shall receive the first notice in regular rotation, so that each in succession may have the first choice of new books.

9.—A form of application for new books and periodicals shall be circulated with the notice of their arrival.

10.—No Proprietor or Subscriber shall put his name down for more than ONE NEW WORK, and ONE PERIODICAL, until after he has returned to the Library the book or periodical he first received.

11.—No books or periodicals shall be given out by the Librarian without a receipt or written order for the same, from the Proprietor or Subscriber who applies for them.

12.—It shall be the duty of the Librarian to enter in a book, under the name of each Proprietor and Subscriber, the title of the book delivered, the number of volumes, the time allowed for reading, and the date of delivery; he shall also note the date of its return, and the state of the books if damaged.

13.—A check-book shall be furnished to each Proprietor and Subscriber, in which the Assistant Librarian shall enter the name of every work delivered, and sign his name opposite it when it is returned, in acknowledgment of its receipt; and in any case where the return of any book to the Library may be disputed the production of this acknowledgment shall alone be held satisfactory proof of it.

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14.—The Librarian shall inspect every book returned, and if damaged, shall report the same to the Committee at their next meeting.

15.—No manuscripts, engravings, or newspapers, shall be removed from the Library without the sanction of the Committee of Management.

16.—No books, periodicals, engravings, or newspapers belonging to the Library, shall on any account be carried out of the island.

17.—A Proprietor or Subscriber losing or injuring any book or periodical shall pay the price thereof, and a further sum to be fixed by the Committee; such payment not exceeding, in the whole, double the value of the work.

18.—A Proprietor or Subscriber lending any book, periodical, &c., to a non-subscriber shall pay a fine of fifty cents for every volume so lent.

19.—A Proprietor or Subscriber becoming liable to pay a fine under any of the foregoing rules, and having received thereof from the Librarian, shall not be allowed to take out any more books, &c., until the fine be paid.

20.—Strangers will be admitted, during their temporary residence on the island to read the books in the Library on being introduced by Proprietors, but this privilege in no case to extend beyond two months.

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