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Identifier: NHM-WP01.001
Date: 1889--1911
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace William Greenell, Wallace William Greenell, Sharpe Mr, Campbell John Douglas Sutherland
Description: Approximately 180 letters, some with enclosures, and 2 postcards, from A. R. Wallace to his son William. Enclosures include letters, sketch maps and plans, and a press-cutting. There is also 1 sheet of lined paper folded and written on two sides in an unknown hand with notes on the contents of some of the letters (see WP1/1/152). Letters from A. R. Wallace are typically addressed "My dear Willie" or "My dear Will" and typically signed "your affectionate Papa". Letters are generally in date order though some added later are out of sequence including 52 letters previously loose or arranged by subject, almost certainly by or for James Marchant c. 1915; these records have been put in date order at the end of the sequence, see WP1/1/153-201. Notes: The letters were in a small, non-archival box when delivered to the Museum. Only the label, which may have some historical value, has been kept. See old ref WP1/1/139. The letters have been placed in acid-free folders as a bundle. Many letters were numbered by Mrs Richard Wallace some time in the 1990s, roughly in date order. These numbers have been noted here. To assist locating and listing, I have numbered ALL the pieces in pencil IN BRACKETS, on the top right hand front corner where possible. The old and new numbers do not necessarily coincide. There is one blank record (WP1/1/88) P J Lucas, December 2002 and July 2003.
Document type: Correspondence


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