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Identifier: NHM-WP01.001.139
Date: undated
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace William Greenell
Description: Paper label attached to part of a cardboard wine-glass box. "Letters from A. R. Wallace to his son W.G. Wallace June 1889-June 1911. And 2 post cards", is written on it in ink in Mrs Richard Wallace's hand. The label is 14cm x 10cm, with decoration showing an otter and butterfly among bulrushes, World Wildlife Fund (UK) Trading Ltd logo and text, all printed in green on cream paper. The remainder of the box, which contained the letters listed in WP1/1 when the collection was delivered to the Museum, was an unsuitable, acidic container, judged to have no historical value, and has been destroyed. nil Notes: The number 139 was accidentally omitted when numbering the letters so has been assigned to this piece for convenience.
Document type: Correspondence


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