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Identifier: NHM-WP01.001.187
Date: 1904.10.24
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace William Greenell, Wallace Violet Isabel?, Walker Mr, Huxley Thomas Henry, Tyndall John, Spencer Herbert, Purland Theodosius
Description: Letter from A. R. Wallace to his son William from Broadstone, Wimborne (Dorset), 24 Oct 1904 annotated in WGW's? hand "Ref (to?) Autobiography"; re designs for plates on gate; WGW's visit to Mr Walker; recommending a visit to Colonel S D Williams at Brum (Birmingham); Spiritualism in Manchester; selecting personal letters for use in autobiography and sorting into categories by subject, has finished a chapter on his brother Herbert: "I have been sorting out the whole lot of my letters &c. first in years - then going over them and taking out all those I shall want to use for the Autobiog. Such as Huxley, Tyndall, Spencer, Purland , and about 20 other persons of some note - also putting together all those referring to Spiritualism , Vaccination, Socialism &c. so that as I come to each of these subjects I shall have all the materials at hand to take exactly what I want for an interesting summary of the subject. I have finished a nice little chapter of my brother Herbert's life & poems, having found about 12 poems and 6 enigmas which are really good . . ." Place: Broadstone Dorset England Notes: transferred from OLD REF Letters re books and writing 1903-1907: WP1/19/9/5.
Document type: Correspondence


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