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Identifier: NHM-WP01.003.039
Date: 1856.04.30
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel, Bates Henry Walter, Saunders ?, Pfeiffer Ida, Spruce Richard, Stevens Samuel
Description: Letter from A. R. Wallace to H W Bates, from Singapore, 30 Apr 1856, continued 10 May 1856; re long wait for and final arrival of a ship to Macassar; arrival of Bates's letters from Ega (now TeffÉ) Brazil, and copy of "Zoologist"; geographical distribution of insect species in the islands of the Malay archipelago; relative scarcity of Lepidoptera; comparative numbers and types of insect species in Malaya archipelago and Brazil; details of insects collected, including new butterfly Ornithoptera Brookeana (Wallace), Rhyncophorae, Carabidae, Anthribidae, Bupestridae, Cleridae, Longicornes and many others, total number of insect species collected estimated at 6,000, specimens over 30, 000; desire to collect all world Longicornes for study; importance of recording location of capture of specimens; separation of collections from different localities; desire for future comparison of data and exchange of specimens with Bates; Orang Utans; comparison of types of forest plants, people and customs in Amazon and Malay archipelago; scarcity of edible fruit in the East; delicious Durian; Madame Pfeiffer's insect collection; regards to Spruce. Notes: Letter no in contents list: 37.
Document type: Correspondence


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