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Identifier: NHM-WP01.003.041
Date: 1858.01.04
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel, Bates Henry Walter, Mohnicke ?, Doleschall ?, Burmeister Hermann, Erichson ?, Darwin Charles Robert, Stevens Samuel, Bowring John Charles
Description: Letter from A. R. Wallace to W H (sic) Bates, from Amboyna, 4 Jan 1858, continued Ternate, 25 Jan 1858, regarding receipt of mail from home including letters from Bates and Darwin; cleaning and packing of collections from Aru; detailed account of numbers, types and locations of insects collected, including first serious collection of very small genera (Styphilidae etc) at Macassar; comparison of data sent by Bates with 's own; reaction to A. R. Wallace's paper "On the Succession of Species", approving letter from Darwin; benefit of Darwin's proposed publication on species and varieties; boundary between two distinct faunas in Malay Archipelago; proposed expeditions to Gilolo island and New Guinea; advantages of Amboyna as a base; battles of Balaclava and Inkerman; Britain - India meeting (British rule in India?); insects in the Andes. Place: Amboyna Malaya Andes South America Aru Islands Netherlands Indies Australia California USA Gilolo Notes: Letter no in contents list: 39.
Document type: Correspondence


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