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Identifier: NHM-WP01.003.047
Date: 1859.11.25
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel, Bates Henry Walter, Bates Frederick, Lacordaire T?, Spix J B von, Natterer Johann, Castelnau Francis-Louis de, Ascolati? ?
Description: Letter from A. R. Wallace to H W Bates, from Ceram, 25 Nov 1859 re Bates's safe arrival (in England); hopes Bates will write a Fauna of the Amazon valley; A. R. Wallace's own plans for a similar work on the Malay Archipelago; hopes for exchange of duplicate specimens; paper on principles of Geographical distribution in the archipelago sent to the Linnean Society. Place: Ceram Moluccas Netherlands Indies Notes: Letter no in contents list: 45
Document type: Correspondence


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