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Identifier: NHM-WP02.003.001
Date: 1913.11.08--1913.11.29
Name: Argus Suisse de la Presse S.A (Swiss press cutting agency)
Description: Approximately 55 press cuttings 8 -16 Nov 1913: obituaries of A. R. Wallace in German and French with letter, TS, in French from Argus Suisse de la Presse S.A. from Geneva, 29 Nov 1913, to William Greenell Wallace offering 55 press cuttings on the death of his father A. R. Wallace for 15 Francs. Notes: When listed both letter and cuttings were in an envelope labelled in ink "A Few Articles & Reviews " in WGW's? hand, "about self | A.R.W." in A. R. Wallace's hand and in pencil in WGW's? hand "No Autos"; separately recorded and transferred to Miscellanea: WP18
Document type: Printed


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