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Identifier: NHM-WP02.005.001
Date: [1909.05.00]
Name: Modern Astrology (UK? Magazine)
Description: Small envelope labelled in A. R. Wallace's hand "Astrological view of my character &c. - May 1909- a critical period", containing: a small printed astrological chart captioned "Dr. A.R. Wallace Jany 8th 1823 2:30 am" [i.e. his birthday]; printed page, apparently a proof sheet, headed "Astro 6" with annotations in A. R. Wallace's? hand, page torn at the bottom of the entry; part of a printed proof sheet headed "The Nativity of Dr. A. R. Wallace | By the Editor", with annotations including "Block 3½ x 3½" Notes: See Smith bibliog: Modern Astrology 3 (n.s.; o.s., 17), no. 5: 206-207 (May 1906).
Document type: Note


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