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Identifier: NHM-WP02.006.003.08
Date: [1915--1916]
Name: Rathbone Reginald B
Description: Undated carbon copies (c.1916?), some with annotations, of personal recollections of A. R. Wallace by various authors and of letters and extracts from letters by him; most if not all published in some form in Marchant 1916: approximately 60 letters or extracts numbered internally, interleaved with pages headed "Home Life [no.]" containing short reminiscences of A. R. Wallace apparently by William and Violet Wallace: approximately 200 A4 folios including: "Reminiscences of A.R. Wallace O.M. by Reginald B Rathbone"; TS carbon copies each five numbered folios A4. Reminiscences of A. R. Wallace by O Pickard-Cambridge, H E Littledale and J W Sharpe. Letters and extracts of letters from A. R. Wallace to his daughter Violet, his son William, his wife Annie, Dr Richard Norris, Miss Norris, Dr Littledale and Fred Birch, 1891-c 1908; two cc of each on A4 paper. Notes: When listed these were in a large modern (1995) envelope (destroyed) labelled in Richard Wallace's (and Mrs R Wallace's? ) hands "Typed letters A. R. Wallace to Violet and Will | Reminiscences of R B Rathbone | [Ditto] WG & VI for Marchants Book". Most duplicated letters exist in the original in this collection but some, including extracts from a letter by A. R. Wallace to Fred Birch and letters to Richard Norris and Dr. Littledale, have not been found in the original here.
Document type: Draft


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