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Identifier: NHM-WP02.006.005.02
Date: [1913--1915]
Name: Marchant Sir James
Description: Paper covers from subject files with titles in William Greenell Wallace's? hand and some annotations in his or another's hand, of letters from A. R. Wallace to his family covering dates 1897-1909. The classification and arrangement of letters by subject was probably by WGW on behalf of James Marchant, who includes extracts of many of these particular letters in Marchant, 1916. All of the letters, now incorporated into other series, have been annotated in an unknown hand, probably WGW's; passages relating to individual subjects marked in blue pencil and in many cases passages not relating to this subject marked in red and an annotated "omit". Titles below are preceded by the dates of the letters originally contained: 1879-1892 - "General & domestic" 1891-1896 - "Gardening" 1891-1908 - "Houses and Building" 1891.04.29 - "Humorous" 1895-1913 - "Examined not wanted" 1896? - "Excursions" 1902-1911- "Political &c" 1903-1907 - "Books and Writing" 1904.09.01 - "Socialism" 1908.11-1909.01 - "R I lecture /OM/ Medals" 1909.02.23 - "Curious event &c". Notes: Richard Wallace (personal info 12/6/03) considers the hand too untidy to be either his Father's or Grandfather's; however it is written in large letters and probably quickly; I consider it very similar to both. The writing is not Marchant's (See letter from him to WGW 7 Dec 1913, WP2/6/1/1). When listed these were included in a large modern (1995) envelope (destroyed) labelled in RW (And Mrs R Wallace's? ) hands "Typed letters A. R. Wallace to Violet and Will | Reminiscences of R B Rathbone | [Ditto] WG & VI for Marchants Book".
Document type: Note


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