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Identifier: NHM-WP06.008.024.[01]
Date: 1905.07.28--1905.10.02
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Incomplete printed page proofs of A. R. Wallace's autobiography "My Life" vol. 1, front matter and pages [1] -400. 26 date-stamped sections of approximately four sheets (16 pp) each, with corrections in ink in A. R. Wallace's hand. The first page of each section except the first is annotated in A. R. Wallace's hand "Author" "Author's final proof" or "Author's corrected proof." The first section is annotated on the title page "Press" in A. R. Wallace"s? hand. Dates are from 28 Jul 1905 to 2 Oct 1905, not in strict page order. All but three sections are stamped on the first page "First Proof [date]"; three sections including title page to page. xii are stamped "Revise [date]". A few lines have been cut from the top section of pages 155-156 and pages 153, 154, 157 and 158 missing. Pages 401-416, 423-24 and 427-435 were inserted between pages 400 and 401of the proofs for vol. 2 when listed (See old ref WP2/19/2) and have been relocated here. Pages 417-22 and 425-26 are missing. Notes: Sheets other than those noted above may be cut or missing. Except where pages were obviously loose, only front and back pages of each section were checked when listing. For convenience of location each proof section has been numbered in pencil in square brackets with the piece reference code and a section number, but these are NOT intended to be classed as separate pieces and have NOT been separately recorded.
Document type: Draft


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