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Identifier: NHM-WP06.008.025.[01]
Date: 1905.09.06--1905.10.02
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Incomplete printed page proofs annotated and corrected in A. R. Wallace's hand, of his autobiography "My Life" vol. 2, comprising front matter and pages [1] - 96; 209-216; 227-332; 339-350; and 361-418 (last page). Intervening pages (a total of 164) and index are missing. Some sheets consist of single folios (one printed page per side) others folded folios of four pages in sixteen page sections. Sections are stamped with dates from 6 Sep 1905 to 2 Oct 1905, all but three stamped "First Proof"; front matter and addendum "[first] Revise 2 Oct 1905; pages 65-96 "[second] Revise 26 Sep 1905." Some proof pages belonging to vol. 1 have been relocated (See WP6/8/23). Notes: Individual sections and pages NOT marked with reference or section numbers because of the large number of missing pages.
Document type: Draft


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