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Identifier: NHM-WP07.036.001
Date: 1867.02.00--1867.03.23
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: "Caterpillars and Birds", proof? or leaflet for distribution, undated (Feb 1867?) letter to the Editor (of "The Field") from A. R. Wallace asking readers to make observations of which types of caterpillar various birds eat or reject with particular attention to the colour of the caterpillar; annotated in pencil in A. R. Wallace's hand "Referred to in 'Darwinism' p. 236". Place: London England Notes: Smith: S130. Caterpillars and Birds [letter to the editor]. The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper 29: 206a-b (23 March 1867: no. 743). --reprints: as a separate, for distribution. Formerly with letters to A. R. Wallace from S B J Skertchly; assumed to be misfiled.
Document type: Printed


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