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Identifier: NHM-WP07.038
Date: 1869.12.21--1869
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: "The Measurement of Geological Time" by A. R. Wallace, corrected proofs, third revise of part 2, dated 21.12.69, pasted onto 5 sheets of red-lined blue paper, annotated on first sheet in A. R. Wallace's hand "'Nature' - March 3rd 1870", in white lined paper cover with title and notes in A. R. Wallace's hand. Notes: Smith: S159. The Measurement of Geological Time [according to Island Life (3rd ed., p. 223), first presented in 1869 as a paper to Section C, Geology, at the annual BAAS meetings, but I can find no evidence to support this]. I. Nature 1: 399-401 (17 Feb. 1870) / II. Nature 1: 452-455 (3 March 1870).
Document type: Printed


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