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Identifier: NHM-WP07.071
Date: 1894.07.00
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Mss and proof of an A. R. Wallace review titled "A New Book on Socialism", comprising: 1. "A New book on Socialism", review of "The Great Revolution of 1905… by Frederick W Hayes"; Ms in A. R. Wallace's hand in ink with corrections, 15 numbered folios of lined notebook paper written on one side only, signed by A. R. Wallace on last page; from Land and Labour Jul 1894. 2. "A New Book on Socialism", review by A. R. Wallace, proof pasted onto red-lined blue paper sheets; 5 numbered sheets enclosed in white paper folder annotated in ink on the front in A. R. Wallace's? or another hand "The Great revolution of 1905 [sic, this is a view of what the future might be under a socialist government] by F W Hayes | Reviewed by A.R. Wallace" Notes: Smith: S501. A New Book on Socialism [review of The Great Revolution of 1905; Or The Story of the Phalanx by Frederick W. Hayes, 1893]. Land and Labour no. 57: 52-54 (July 1894). Smith does not say this was given as a lecture, and the inclusion of the MS in an envelope marked "lectures and diagrams" (transferred to WP18, Miscellanea - see WP18/25) was probably an error.
Document type: Note


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