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Identifier: NHM-WP07.086
Date: 1904.10.00?--1904?
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: "A Counsel of Perfection", undated MS c. Oct? 1904 in A. R. Wallace's hand on exercise book paper, 23 ff. written on one side only, annotated in red ink on p. 1 "19th Century"with an illegible annotation below this in pencil; folded inside a page headed in A. R. Wallace's? hand "Mss. Of 'A counsel of perfection"' and in pencil at top right in an unknown hand "B2". Notes: Smith: .S505. A Suggestion to Sabbath-keepers. Nineteenth Century 36: 604-611 (Oct. 1894: no. 212). --reprint: as 'A Counsel of Perfection for Sabbatarians' in SSS, Vol. 2: 364-374 (Nov. 1900)
Document type: Note


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