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Identifier: NHM-WP07.088
Date: 1903.02.00?--1903.11.00
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Papers re "Man's Place in the Universe", and "Man's Place in the Universe. A Reply to Criticisms", 1903 journal articles by A. R. Wallace, including Mss, corrected proofs, printed copy of a critical article by H H Turner and printed copy of a letter to the Editor of the Fortnightly Review by Ernest Marriott. Notes: Smith: S2903 Man's Place in the Universe. The Independent (New York) 55: 473-483 (26 Feb. 1903: no. 2830); also printed as 'Man's Place in the Universe: As Indicated by the New Astronomy' in Fortnightly Review 73 (n.s.; 79, o.s.): 395-411 (1 March 1903: no. 435, n.s.). --reprints: The Living Age 237 (7th s., vol. 19): 1-13 (4 April 1903: no. 3065); Eclectic Magazine 9(5) (3rd s.; 140(5), o.s.): 561-573 (May 1903); in Modern Inventions and Discoveries (J. A. Hill and Company, New York, 1904): 219-237. (Smith S602) Other related publications are: S604. letter to the Editor [one of several printed as 'Man's Place in the Universe']. Knowledge 26: 107-108 (107-110) (May 1903: no. 211)
Document type: Note


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