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Identifier: NHM-WP09.002.001
Date: 1863.08.00?--1863?
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Text in A. R. Wallace's hand of a lecture, titled on front cover "Lecture 1. | On the climate & Vegetation of the Tropics" with pencilled annotation "Linn. Trans. vol. XXII | Pitcher Plants" below title in his hand; lined notebook approx 22.5 x 17.5 cm , fifty-three numbered pages with notes on the Pitcher plant inserted between pp. 18 and 19 and numbered tags (slide or diagram numbers?) glued to some pages; undated, possibly 1863 when he lectured at the BAAS meeting in August and September (Shermer, p. 153). Notes: Plain paper cover sewn to pages which appear to be from a school- style notebook; cover very stained and torn at the edges; inserted notes on the pitcher plant are on a smaller sheet, perhaps a form or invitation folded over a cotton thread and glued together at the edges, print and some handwriting are visible inside; other pages in fair condition.
Document type: Note


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