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Identifier: NHM-WP15.004.001
Date: 1904.07.00
Name: Mitten William
Description: Loose dried plant (grass) specimens (Apera species?) contained in a brown envelope 23 cm x 14.5cm, addressed to Mr W Mitten, Chemist, Hurstpierpoint Hassocks RSO Essex. The envelope is printed with illustrations of three types of (bottle-stoppers?), bears a half-penny stamp and is heavily postmarked "T | NPO" with no visible date. It is annotated on the back in pencil in an unknown hand "Apera | Sandpit I Hassocks | July 1904." Place: Hassocks West Sussex England Notes: The envelope is brittle and has been pierced by the dry grass stem in at least one place. If kept, the specimen(s) should probably be glued into an to acid free folder.
Document type: Note


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