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Identifier: NHM-WP17
Date: 1850--1899
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Miscellaneous photographic prints, published photographic images, cartoons, sketches and paintings, either unidentified or not definitely attributable to any other series, including photographs of North American landscape and European and North American geological features possibly considered for publication, a collected series of published portraits of eminent men, a sketch by A. R. Wallace of or design for a candle-lamp, and an undated floral watercolour by an unknown artist; approximately 115 images. Items have been listed in date/assumed date order as far as possible but a number of undated unattributed images occur in no particular order at the end of the list. Most records are at item level without an item title, each an item consisting of one piece. Those with individual piece records are: WP17/4 Photos and images of North America - WP17/5 Portraits issued by Nature 1873-84 - WP17/6 Arena Gallery of Eminent Thinkers - WP17/8 Photos of geological features - WP17/11 Illustrations of palm trees - WP17/12 Images relating to W J Stillman - WP17/13 Photos of Darwin Statue - WP17/16 Botanical prints c1850-1899 and undated
Document type: Note


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