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Identifier: NHM-WP18.001
Date: 1810.03.23
Name: Wallace William George
Description: Lock of hair wrapped in paper and enclosed in an envelope. The wrapping paper has in an unknown hand "William G Wallace's Hair when he was 14 months old. March 1810 23d". The envelope is labelled in a second unknown hand "Hair of William Greenell Wallace (brother of A R Wallace) March 1810." Notes: Formerly in Wallace Family Correspondence c. 1835-1893 Not listed in contents. The hand on the envelope appears to be the same as that in the contents list and is apparently not that of Mr or Mrs Richard Wallace. WGW? The wrapping paper appears to be very old (1810?), the envelope is much more recent (20th century?). Various sources give the name of A. R. Wallace's brother William as William GEORGE and his SON as William Greenell. If the date is correct the hair must be his brother's, not his son's, but if so the middle name is incorrect. PJL 9/1/03
Document type: Note


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