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Identifier: NHM-WP18.029
Date: 1891.07.11
Name: Boulenger George Albert
Description: A. R. Wallace to G A Boulenger, photocopies of letters held in the NHM archives comprising: Letters from Parkstone, Dorset: 1. 11 Jul 1891 re names of genera of Palaearctic reptiles and amphibia - 2. 28 Aug 1891 re corrections to a work on Palaearctic reptiles and amphibia, about to go to the printer. 3. 30 Aug 1891 with thanks for names of genera of Palaearctic reptiles and amphibia, asks for similar list for Nearctic region - 4. Undated, Nov 1891? with thanks for names of genera of Nearctic reptiles and amphibia - 5. 14 Nov 1904 letter from Broadstone, Wimborne, Dorset re fish drawings and notes sent separately by parcel-post, would like information on them to include in autobiography which he is now preparing. Notes: The originals are in Reptile Correspondence, Box 10, folder 88, at 30 Jan 2004. Located and photocopies supplied by Karen Taylor.
Document type: Note


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