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NHM-WP01.006.009    Figure:    1899   Portrait of Fred Birch aged about 20, wearing a flat cap, short jacket and rucksack, carrying a fabric bag and walking stick. Standing in front of a picket fence with houses in the background. Body turned to the viewer's left, head turned to face the camera. Black and white photo approximately 9.5 cm x 7 cm inside an embossed cream cardboard frame approximately 16 cm x 14 cm. Frame annotated on the back in ink in A. R. Wallace's hand Fred. Birch. | July 1899." Place and photographer unknown. Notes: Filed when listed with unrelated photos and proofs from works by A. R. Wallace; transferred to this series as most appropriate; possibly an enclosure to letter from Liverpool 16 Nov 1899.
LINSOC-MS656    Figure:    undated   Large watercolour drawing of a painted malocca at Caruru
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John van Wyhe, ed. 2012-. Wallace Online ( National University of Singapore