Wallace Illustrations

Each of these pages provides small thumbnail images of the illustrations in an entire work, or a series of works, all on one page. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

1855-1874. Wallace's specimens. (reproduced for the first time)

1845-1847. Wallace's survey maps. (reproduced for the first time)

1853-1903. Wallace's shorter publications. (articles etc.)

1853. Palm trees of the Amazon and their uses.

1853. Narrative of travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro.

1869. The Malay Archipelago.

1876. The geographical distribution of animals.

1879. Australasia.

1880. Island life.

1889. Darwinism.

1898. The wonderful century.

1900. Studies scientific and social.

1903. Man's place in the universe.

1905. My life.

1907. Is Mars habitable?

1910. World of life.

1913. Social environment and moral progress.

1913. The revolt of democracy.

1916. Alfred Russel Wallace letters and reminiscences.

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