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Identifier: BL-Add.Mss46418-46419
Date: 1898
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Autograph draft for "The Wonderful Century" (1898). Vols. V, VI (ff.249, 231). 'The Wonderful Century', first version published 1898. Insertions in the printed text suggest that this MS. was completed before 18 Feb. 1898. Preface, etc., index, and chapter 18, 'Vaccination a Delusion, its Penal Enforcement a Crime', are wanting; a note in Wallace's hand on 46419, f. 126, directs the printer to set up Chapter 18 from a pamphlet, presumably that produced by Wallace in 1897. Autograph draft showing revision and rearrangement by the author and printer's marks.
Document type: Draft


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