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Identifier: BL-Add.Mss46420-46421
Date: 1903
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Autograph draft for "Man's Place in the Universe" (1903). Vols. VII, VIII (ff. 263, 285). 'Man's Place in the Universe', published 1903. Footnotes added to the printed text indicate that the present MS. was complete before March 1903; the text was further revised before publication. Preface, index, etc., and star maps found at end of printed book are wanting. Autograph with corrections and revisions, except for 46420, ff. 62-66, 176-178, which are typewritten extracts from the revised edition (1903) of 'The Wonderful Century', and 46421, ff. 246, 247, which are printed diagrams.
Document type: Draft


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