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Identifier: NHM-WP06.005.004
Date: 1901.06.18--1901.07.02
Name: Wallace Alfred Russel
Description: Appendices, proofs, of A. R. Wallace, "Darwinism: an exposition of the theory of natural selection with some of its applications" Macmillan & Co, third edition 1901, including "Note on Attempts to demonstrate the Existence of Selective Elimination in Wild Animals" and "Note on the Mode of Dispersal of Lizards", two copies, one (author's proof, corrected in A. R. Wallace's hand) dated 18 Jun 1901 and one 2 Jul 1901 ; undated note in an unknown hand on yellow paper "Don't Xerox - proofs of Darwinism". Notes: The Xerox photocopying process became commercially available in 1950 (Source: inventors/about.com website) so it is possible, if unlikely, that the hand on the note is WGW's (he died in 1951). The term was used as a general one for photocopying up to about the 1980's but seems to have almost died out in Britain so the note was probably not written by a member of the NHM staff.
Document type: Draft


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