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Identifier: NHM-WP07.088.005
Date: 1903.08.00?--1903
Name: Turner Herbert Hall
Description: "Man's Place in the Universe | Reply to Criticisms", undated (c. Aug 1903) Ms in A. R. Wallace's hand on lined exercise book paper so titled on front in blue in A. R. Wallace's? WGW's? hand, 29 numbered folios written on one side only plus title page/cover Notes: Smith: S606. Man's Place in the Universe: A Reply to Criticisms. The Independent (New York) 55: 2024-2031 (27 Aug. 1903: no. 2856); also printed in Fortnightly Review 74 (n.s.; 80, o.s.): 380-390 (1 Sept. 1903: no. 441, n.s.). --reprints: The Living Age 239 (7th s., vol. 21): 193-201 (24 Oct. 1903: no. 3094); Eclectic Magazine 10(6) (3rd s.; 141(6), o.s.): 773-781 (Dec. 1903).
Document type: Note


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