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Identifier: NHM-WP07.088.006
Date: 1903.07.31--1903
Name: Turner Herbert Hall
Description: "Man's place in the universe: a reply to criticisms" by A. R. Wallace, TS, 21 numbered pages plus title page, with corrections in ink in A. R. Wallace's hand, annotated in pencil on the title page "for the 'Fortnightly"' and "Adams"; stamped on back page "Richard Clay & Sons, Limited, 31 Jul 1903" below pencilled note in an unknown hand "Proofs to Dr A.R. Wallace C/o Curtis Browne", with address. Notes: Smith: S606. Man's Place in the Universe: A Reply to Criticisms. in Fortnightly Review 74 (n.s.; 80, o.s.): 380-390 (1 Sept. 1903: no. 441, n.s.). In modern envelope labelled in Richard W's hand "1923 Obit | Articles in entomological Soc Proceedings | Profile W J Hooker | Mans Place in Universe A Reply" when listed. Envelope discarded. Title page torn, paper thin
Document type: Note


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