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S251    Periodical contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1875. Wallace and spiritualism. Banner of Light (Boston) 37 (10): 2.   Text   Image   PDF
S200a    Periodical contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1871. [Note on spiritualism.] Academy 2 (36): 512-513.   Text   Image   PDF
S699    Periodical contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1912. Mr. Blatchford's dogmatism. Christian Commonwealth 32 (no.1613, 11 September): 815.   Text
NHM-WP01.008.012    Correspondence:   Bancks Gerard W, Wallace Alfred Russel  1874.[04.00]   Letter from Rev Gerard W Bancks to A. R. Wallace, from Hartley Rectory, near Longfield, Kent, (Apr?) no year or month date, asking A. R. Wallace to accept enclosed pamphlets; Bancks a great admirer of A. R. Wallace's work on spiritualism ("On Miracles and Modern Spiritualism", 1874?) . Place: Kent England
NHM-WP07.060.[02]    Draft:    1892.07.14   "Spiritualism" by A. R. Wallace, 2 sets of proofs from "Chamber's Encyclopaedia, comprising: 2. "Spiritualism"; proofs, pp. 645-652 of encyclopaedia entries including "Spiritualism" by A. R. Wallace on pp. 645-649; from "Chamber's Encyclopaedia (New Ed., vol. 9, Jul 1892) sewn into a paper cover made from an envelope addressed to A. R. Wallace from John Murray, publisher, postmarked 14 Jul 1892; titled on the front in A. R. Wallace's hand and annotated by him "Please return to A.R.Wallace, Parkstone, Dorset".
NHM-WP07.046    Note:    1877.07.00--1877.12.00   Folder titled in A. R. Wallace's hand "Wallace v Carpenter | Spiritualism & Scepticism" and above this in an unknown hand "Quarterly Journal of Sciences July 1877"; containing, sewn in, corrected printed proof pages of two articles by A. R. Wallace and a printed copy of an article by W B Carpenter with marginal annotations in A. R. Wallace's hand, as follows: 1. Notices of Books, pp. 391-416 from ["Quarterly Journal of Science"?] Jul 1877, a review by A. R. Wallace of "Mesmerism, Spiritualism &c…" by William B Carpenter (London 1887). 2. "Psychological Curiosities of Spiritualism" by W B Carpenter, from "Fraser's Magazine", Nov 1877, pp. [541] -564 3. "Psychological Curiosities of Scepticism | A reply to Dr. Carpenter" by A. R. Wallace, apparently from "Fraser's Magazine", Dec 1877, pp 694-706.
NHM-WP01.008.048    Correspondence:   Fisher Arabella Burton (née Buckley), Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Herbert Spencer, Wallace Herbert Edward, Guppy Mrs  1874.04.25   Letter from Arabella Buckley to A. R. Wallace, from 1 St Mary's Terrace (Paddington, London), 25 Apr 1874, on mourning paper, offering condolences on the death of his son Bertie (Herbert Spencer Wallace) and re possible Spiritualist contact with Bertie through her, her sister or the medium Mrs Guppy; enclosing a transcription in an other hand, signed "Janie", of an alleged conversation held on April 25 and 26, with spirits, about Bertie; including the claim that he was now in the care of his Uncle Herbert. Annotated in pencil (in A. R. Wallace's hand?) "A B Buckley (Fisher)". Place: London
NHM-WP01.004.012    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Annie née Mitten, Mitten William, Minchin ?, Casson Herbert N, D'Orsay Mrs ?, Kipling Joseph Rudyard, Linton ?  1897.09.28   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his wife Annie from Parkstone, Dorset, 28 Sep 1897 re visits from Mr Murray the spiritualist and Mrs Sconce, news that General Minchin, a chess player, to live nearby; visit to Poole library; gardening supplies; sent off to Mr Casson for Mrs D'Orsay; repairs to kitchen; delivery of Cooperative coal; new (visiting?) cards; receipt of a letter from Rudyard Kipling expressing hope he can visit one day; Mr Linton's thanks to A. R. Wallace and Mitten for (specimen of?) grass. Place: Parkstone Dorset England Poole Dorset England Notes: OLD REF WP1/19/19 and later WP1/21/12.
NHM-WP07.047    Printed:    1877.11.00   "Carpenterian Criticism being a reply to an article by Dr W.B. Carpenter in 'Fraser's Magazine' November 1877 entitled 'Psychological Curiosities of Spiritualism'. By 'M..A. (OXON.)"' Reprint from "Human Nature" Dec 1877, pp [1]-23, annotated on cover "A R Wallace esq. with the Writer's compts" and in A. R. Wallace's hand in pencil "p.11 - Serjeant Cox's Handcuff test!" SEE OLD REF WP3/46.
NHM-WP01.002.100    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Violet  [1897.04.00]   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his daughter Violet, from Parkstone, Dorset Friday morning Apr? 1897? re letter from her brother William; Mrs Greck, fraud and spiritualism (See letter dated 18 Apr 1897: WP1/2/88); "American Fabian" on children's parks; water-worn gorge. Place: Dorset England Notes: Dated on the basis of the content of his letter of 18 Apr, 1897 (WP1/2/88)
NHM-WP01.005.003    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Violet Isabel, Browne A G, Marshall J W, Nichols ?, Gray Asa,  1886.11.02   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his daughter Violet from The Quincy hotel, Boston, 2 Nov 1886 re his first public lecture, rehearsals at Loughton and Farncombe useful, cut sections following advice of Mr Marshall, enclosing a newspaper and press cuttings (not present), report on lecture brief because today is election day; tour along Hudson and to West Point Military college with Mr Browne, spectacular scenery including basalt cliffs "The Palisades" along the river (with ink sketch of cliffs with a sailing boat on the river below); colourful autumn foliage; details of hotel food including "shaker apple-sauce"; tram cars in Boston; meeting with Spiritualist doctor Nichols, invited to visit; plans to visit botanist Asa Gray at Cambridge tomorrow; discovery of a chess club and plans to play. Place: Boston Massachusetts USA
NHM-WP01.005.016    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Annie née Mitten, Hampden John, Allen Charles Grant Blairfindie, Allen J A  1887.01.29   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his wife Annie from Washington DC, 29 Jan 1887, re her letter about snow in England and damage to garden; Hampden (John Hampden of the Flat Earth Society) not a threat as few American papers would print anything by him; flattery becoming "quite painful", quotes remarks by dinner host, Mr Nordhoff, Washington representative of "New York Herald", describes dinner in detail including settings (guests names in gold on rose leaves), dining etiquette; J A Allen, father of Grant Allen staying nearby with his family; magnificence of Washington, street layout and houses; details of city's tram system; approval of American methods of warming houses and trains; superiority of American railway system; details of hotel room including heater and gas lamp; amazing experiences of spiritualist General Lippitt, materialisations and slate-writing; seances attended; visit to millionaire spiritualist Senator Stanford and his wife, Stanford to spend 20 million dollars to found a university in memory of his son; sending press cuttings on weather and on Garibaldi; no lectures recently but two arranged in Canada in March; has sent an article to Harris and written reviews for some American papers. Stamped envelope addressed to her at Frith Hill, Godalming and postmarked on the front Washington 29 Jan 1887and on the back New York 30 Jan 1887 and Godalming 11 Feb 1887. Place: Washington DC USA
NHM-WP01.001.001    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace William Greenell, Wallace William Greenell, Sharpe Mr, Campbell John Douglas Sutherland  1889.06.09   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his son William, from Godalming 9 Jun 1889 re: New house at Parkstone, Dorset; marking examination papers; packing fossils and birds eggs; spiritualism. Place: England (Surrey) Notes: Numbered in pencil in Mrs Richard Wallace's hand: 1
NHM-WP01.005.017    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Violet Isabel, Hooker Isabella Beecher, Stowe Harriet Beecher  1887.02.12   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his daughter Violet from Washington DC, 12 Feb 1887, enclosing press cuttings (not present) apparently reporting a social occasion hosted by spiritualist Mrs Hooker, sister of Henry Ward Beecher and Mrs Beecher Stowe, at which A. R. Wallace was introduced to about 50 people; lectures to local Anthropological societies; lack of paying lectures, if none booked in California will not be able to afford to go there as fare is £50; only two forthcoming engagements in Canada; spending time visiting Museums and libraries and writing for American newspapers and for Harris; expense of hotel; changeable weather; detailed description of the "most beautiful" Capitol building and comparison with British House of Commons; instructions to send letters via agent Williams; hopes Violet is reading and studying well. Stamped envelope addressed to Miss Wallace at Frith Hill, Godalming and postmarked on the front Washington 14 Feb 1887and on the back New York? (date illegible) 1887 and Godalming 25 Feb 1887. Place: Washington DC USA Notes: Some names and passages including the comparison of the Capitol with the H of C, are underlined or marked in red pencil, possibly by J Marchant.
NHM-WP18.025    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel  1897.05.00   Envelope, large buff, addressed to A. R. Wallace at Parkstone, postmarked Chester May 24 1897 and Bath May 25 1897, annotated in pencil in A. R. Wallace's? WGW's? hand "3 old lectures, full MSS & Spiritualism at San Francisco | 'If man die shall he live again"'; in Emma Bennett's hand "Emma's note 22/07/02 | 1 If a man die | 2 New book on Socialism | 3 Eternalism a theory of infinite justice" and blue pencil (in WGW's?) " Lectures and Diagrams" containing when listed 3 mss in A. R. Wallace's hand titled ""If a man die shall he live again" (WP9/5/1); "Eternalism, a theory of infinite justice" (WP7/87); and "New Book on Socialism"(WP7/71); there were no diagrams contained. Notes: Contained Ms "New Book on Socialism", a published review (see WP7/71) when listed.
NHM-WP01.003.058    Correspondence:   Spruce Richard, Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Annie née Mitten, Mitten William, Hanbury Daniel  1867.04.26   Letter from Richard Spruce to A. R. Wallace, from Hurstpierpoint, 26 Apr 1867 re spiritualism; A. R. Wallace's memoir on Malay migration; inherited deafness in cats; Paris Exposition. Place: England Hurstpierpoint West Sussex Paris France Notes: Letter no in contents list: 56
NHM-WP01.003.057    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Sims Frances née Wallace, Sims Thomas, Mitten William  1867.02.27   Letter from Richard Spruce to Mrs Sims (Frances Wallace) from Hurstpierpoint, 27 Feb 1867 re the return of some of his diplomas found by her; A. R. Wallace's stereoscope; spiritualism; health. Place: Hurstpierpoint West Sussex England Notes: Letter no in contents list: 55
NHM-WP01.005.004    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Annie née Mitten, Noa Jessie Mrs, Mirlees ?, Holmes ?, Woodbury ?, Williams Mr, Wood ?  1886.11.14   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his wife Annie, from Boston, 14 Nov 1886 re lack of news from her; weather; good audiences at the four lectures so far given; portrait artist Mrs Noa; unexpected meeting with Mr and Mrs Mirlees visiting the site of their son's death with their daughter; Dr Holmes the "one-kon-shay" man at dinner; meeting arranged with a lady spiritualist; any news of letting of house at Godlaming; requests Annie to send photos of ruined temples of Java given to A. R. Wallace by Mr Woodbury, wants to compare with models and photos of similarly decorated Mexican temples at Cambridge (Massachusetts) museum; American museums the finest in the world; plans to go to Baltimore and Washington with a return to Boston in between; opinion of A. R. Wallace's agent Mr Williams of earlier lecturer Mr Wood and his possible effect on A. R. Wallace's potential audience; Harvard College celebration. Place: USA Java Mexico
NHM-WP01.002.078    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Violet, Wallace William Greenell, Stetson Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Sharpe J W, Waddington ?, Torrens Lady  1896.12.14   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his daughter Violet, from Parkstone, Dorset 14 Dec 1896, re her brother William; arrangements for Christmas; bicycles; Mrs Stetson; Mr Waddington; visit from the Sharpes and Lady Torrens, Lady Torrens on spiritualism; Violet's K.G.(Kindergarten) magazine. Place: Dorset England
NHM-WP01.005.036    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Annie née Mitten, Wallace John, Jekyll Gertrude  1887.07.01   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his wife Annie from Stockton, California, 1 Jul 1887 enclosed with a letter to her father William Mitten (see WP1/17/38): re her success in letting the house; visit to Yosemite and Santa Cruz with his brother John to see big trees; swollen and ulcerated lip confining him to the house, plans to visit Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada when well; ferns from Santa Cruz sent to Miss Jekyll; Mr Marshall; problems with posting items from America; A. R. Wallace's San Francisco lecture on spiritualism well attended and further offer from Chicago, Spiritualism pays better than Natural History; sending ferns from Yosemite; description of Sequoia sempervirens seen in the Redwood forests and exotic plants in California; California as a place to live. Place: Stockton California USA Notes: This letter was in the envelope addressed to William Mitten, now with the letter to him at WP1/17/38. PJL
NHM-WP01.003.083    Correspondence:   Sims Frances née Wallace, Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace John  1887.06.27   Letter from Fanny Sims to her brother A. R. Wallace from 70 Lillie Road West Brompton, 27 June 1887, with annotated envelope addressed to A. R. Wallace at Windsor Hotel, Denver, Colorado, postmarked on front Stockton Jul 18 1887 and on back Dever Col -date illegible. The letter, written as an enclosure to a letter to their brother John, is re papers received from California with news of A. R. Wallace's lectures there; John's conversion (to spiritualism); possible identity of people named (during a seance?); the Sims's (photography) business, lack of wealthy customers, photographing cowboys from the American Exhibition. Place: California USA London England Notes: Envelope annotated in pencil on front in A. R. Wallace's? hand "Fanny | some mention of family relations &c".
NHM-WP07.045    Printed:    1877.07.00   Review by A. R. Wallace of "Mesmerism, Spiritualism &c., Historically and Scientifically Considered" by William B Carpenter (London, 1877) in "Notices of Books" from the "Quarterly Journal of Science" July, 1877. Reprint or proof pp. [1]-26 in yellow paper cover labelled on the front cover in ink in A. R. Wallace's hand "Carpenter's Mesmerism | by A.R. Wallace" and annotated on the front cover in pencil in A. R. Wallace's hand "p. 2 Surgical operations! | (9?) (Academe?) Report on Mesmerism | 10. Tests of Alexis"; markings in pencil in text and margins.
NHM-WP01.001.082    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace William Greenell, Birch Fred(erick?), Sedgwick W, Reynolds Osborne, Kropotkin Peter Alexeivich Prince, Thomson William Lord Kelvin, Perry , Marriott Ernest, Poe Edgar Allan  1903.11.01   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his son William, from Broadstone, Wimborne, Dorset, 1 Nov 1903 re domestic affairs, friends and family; book-writing finished, reviews in papers; reading, "Man's position in the Universe" by W Sedgwick, "Nature", "The Bounder"; British Guiana; William's career, spiritualism in Manchester Place: Dorset England Notes: Numbered in pencil in Mrs Richard Wallace's hand: 78
NHM-WP01.001.187    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace William Greenell, Wallace Violet Isabel?, Walker Mr, Huxley Thomas Henry, Tyndall John, Spencer Herbert, Purland Theodosius  1904.10.24   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his son William from Broadstone, Wimborne (Dorset), 24 Oct 1904 annotated in WGW's? hand "Ref (to?) Autobiography"; re designs for plates on gate; WGW's visit to Mr Walker; recommending a visit to Colonel S D Williams at Brum (Birmingham); Spiritualism in Manchester; selecting personal letters for use in autobiography and sorting into categories by subject, has finished a chapter on his brother Herbert: "I have been sorting out the whole lot of my letters &c. first in years - then going over them and taking out all those I shall want to use for the Autobiog. Such as Huxley, Tyndall, Spencer, Purland , and about 20 other persons of some note - also putting together all those referring to Spiritualism , Vaccination, Socialism &c. so that as I come to each of these subjects I shall have all the materials at hand to take exactly what I want for an interesting summary of the subject. I have finished a nice little chapter of my brother Herbert's life & poems, having found about 12 poems and 6 enigmas which are really good . . ." Place: Broadstone Dorset England Notes: transferred from OLD REF Letters re books and writing 1903-1907: WP1/19/9/5.
NHM-WP01.001.183    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace William Greenell, T. Cooke & Sons of York, Birch Frederick R, Wallace Violet Isabel?  1903.07.08   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his son William from Old Orchard (Broadstone, Dorset), 8 Jul 1903 annotated in WGW's? hand "Book Telescope F Birch"; re WGW's proof corrections (to "Man's Place in the Universe"?), stars, Milky Way, Solar Cluster, Jupiter; speculation in accordance with known facts; difference of opinion over spiritualism; writing an article for the "Fortnightly"; purchase of a telescope from Cooke of York, better than the last, making a stand for it; trying to help Fred Birch to get a post as Museum curator in the Federated Malay States. Place: Broadstone Dorset England Malaya Notes: OLD REF Letters re books and writing 1903-1907: WP1/19/9/4
NHM-WP01.004.004    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Annie née Mitten, Mitten William, Mitten Bessie, Allman Dr, Silk George C, Casey Comerford  1895.06.29   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his wife Annie from Parkstone, Dorset, 29 Jun 1895 re arrival of her letter from Grindenwald, is preparing for journey (with her father William Mitten), asks her for guide book with maps and to ensure Mitten's boots well nailed, will visit Meiringen and other places on Annie's recommendation; Dr Allman's gardener to care for orchids in A. R. Wallace's absence; visit from Comerford Casey and his daughter, visit by George Silk; visit by a student of Spiritualism and his wife who went into a trance and behaved as various characters including A. R. Wallace's mother, photographs taken, possibly (a spirit) may be seen. Stamped envelope addressed to Mrs Wallace c/o W. Mitten, Hurstpierpoint Sussex, postmarked on the form Parkstone 29 Jun 1895. Place: Parkstone Dorset England Sussex Switzerland Notes: OLD REF WP1/19/6/1 and WP1/21/4 This letter was previously filed in a paper folder labelled in WGW's? hand "Examd Not wanted" almost certainly selected for J. Marchant when writing A. R. Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences" (London 1916).
NHM-WP03.010    Notebook:    1865--1889   Notebook opened at each end, containing details of seances, a list of converts to Spiritualism, poetry, statistics on exports, a study of his children from birth, and lists of plants species. It was used by Alfred Russel Wallace from c. 1865 to c. 1889
NHM-WP01.008.130    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel  1870--1913   Letter from E (Charles?) Williams to Mr Wallace (A. R. Wallace?) from (Queens?), on paper headed High Bank, Addiscombe, Croydon, Friday (no month or year), re proposed visit to Wallace on Sunday afternoon. Place: Croydon Surrey England Notes: Mr Williams, spiritualist Medium? See Raby p. 190 - but no dates. Post 1870?s. The letter was folded around 3 photos of a house and grounds labelled "W.J. Stillman" (see separate record WP17/12) but no mention is made of them in the letter.
NHM-WP01.008    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel  1870--1913   Miscellaneous Correspondence 1870-1913 A-Z: 136 Letters, telegrams and postcards to A. R. Wallace and a few by him, to and from miscellaneous correspondents 1870-1913, some with enclosures including one photograph. The letters are arranged alphabetically by author in the case of letters to A. R. Wallace and by correspondent within the same series in the case of letters from him. The bulk of the letters is dated 1911-1913 congratulating A. R. Wallace on reaching or approaching his 90th birthday and/or reacting to an interview with him in the newspapers at the time or criticising of his latest books; other topics include the award of his Order of Merit, poverty and unemployment, and some scientific subjects. The file includes letters from scientists, scientific societies, spiritualist societies, corporate bodies, members of the public and family friends. Notes: The bulk of the letters were in a taped cardboard book folder annotated in WGW's hand "Not wanted" (old ref WP1/18); 23 letters from a brown cardboard box in the form of a book, titled "Letters" on spine, first listed as item WP2/1 (former item title Correspondence 1849-1913); approximately 25 letters in a box file of unrelated material (old ref WP3/39) from original box 3 (as numbered in the rough box list supplied when listing began) and a few from box 4, have been incorporated.
S191    Book contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1871. On the attitude of men of science towards the investigators of spiritualism. In: Tuttle, Hudson and Peebles, J.M. The Year-book of Spiritualism for 1871. Boston: William White & Co., pp. 28-31.   Text   Image   PDF
S149    Book contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1871. [Questions and remarks]. In: Report on spiritualism, of the Committee of the London Dialectical Society, together with the evidence, oral and written, and a selection from the correspondence. London: Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, pp. 183, 210.   Text   Image   PDF
NHM-WP13.001.011    Correspondence:   Carpenter William, Wallace Alfred Russel, Hampden John  1871   Letter paper printed with the address Old Orchard, Broadstone, Wimborne, with "Spiritualism | Wallace v. Carpenter | Hampden's & Flat-Earth Experiments - I &c. &c. " written on the first page in A. R. Wallace's? hand in ink. Place: Dorset Norfolk England Notes: This was found loose among unrelated papers in WP1 and has been inserted here - it is presumably a file title page for the item.
S334a    Book contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1880. Wallace and Darwin. In: Sargent, Epes. 1880. The scientific basis of spiritualism. Boston: Colby & Rich, pp. 360-361.   Text   Image
S345a    Book contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1881. Letter [to Mrs. T. L. Nichols, dated 16 July 1881]. In: Nichols, T.L. 1881. A memorial to the Home Secretary in behalf of Mrs. Susan Willis Fletcher, a spritualist, unjustly condemned to twelve months' imprisonment with hard labour: with important testimony excluded upon the trial, and proofs of perjuries committed by the prosecutrix. London: Printed for private circulation, pp. 44-45.   Text
NHM-WP09.005    Note:    1887?   Papers re lectures by A. R. Wallace on Spiritualism
NHM-WP09.005.001    Note:    1887?   Ms in A. R. Wallace's hand headed "If a man die shall he live again" , 35 numbered lined folios of writing pad, enclosed in blue and buff pad cover but loose; buff side of cover is annotated faintly in red pencil in A. R. Wallace's? hand "Lectures on Spiritualism".
NHM-WP07.043.[04]    Printed:    1898   "Spiritualism and Social Duty" by A. R. Wallace; pamphlet, reprint from "Light" of his address to the International Congress of Spiritualists, 23 Jun 1898. See WP7/81 for another copy.
NHM-WP02.006.005.06.[01]    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel  [1902--1916]   List of A. R. Wallace's correspondents by type with notes re some of A. R. Wallace's letters, undated, in William Greenell Wallace's hand; in columns on fourteen folios of lined paper; approximately eight hundred names in rough alphabetical order within the categories: "Separate packets of letters" "Scientists, Biological, Geographical &c", "Scientists, Physics & Mathematics &c" "Socialists, Spiritualists, Clergymen, Anti-Vacc, -Vivs &c", "Socialists Anti Vacc - Viv, Pol. Eco. Land" "Authors, Journalists, Poets, Artists" "Politicians &c., Statesmen" "Odd Celebrities" "Curious (Cranks &c)" and "Unclassified (Unknown)" with a section on the last page headed "short reminiscences received from" not present in the typed version; some pages numbered within category. Notes: Most folios of the ms are folded, some are single, pages written on one side only. The typed version was found in box three and inserted here. PJL 19/6/03
S648a    Book contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1907. Letter [regarding "Root principles in rational and spiritual things" by Rev. Thomas Child]. In: Trobridge, George. 1907. Emmanuel Swedenborg: his life, teachings and influence. London & New York: Frederick Warne and Company, pp. 63-64.   Text   Image
NHM-WP02.003    Printed:    1913--1947   Obituaries and Memoirs of Alfred Russel Wallace: Obituaries, death notices, descriptions of his funeral and memoirs of A. R. Wallace and some related papers, 1913-1947, mostly press cuttings with some entire magazines and reprints, from UK newspapers and spiritualist and scientific journals and a few from the USA and other countries, including cuttings from one Swiss and several UK press-cutting agencies with the original envelopes; all or most marked up (by WGW?) in blue pencil; note of A. R. Wallace's illness and time of death by William Greenell Wallace dated 7 Nov 1913, on headed paper without addressee; rough design in ink by WGW? for inscription on gravestone. Notes: Almost all brittle, dirty, crumbling or heavily folded. Scattered throughout all four boxes in which the collection arrived. Pieces WP2/3/2-12 are mostly full sheets from broadsheet newspapers and were in a cover made from boards of a damaged blue foolscap size notebook when listed; cover discarded; pieces WP2/3/13-34 were in a large white modern envelope addressed A King Esq Modus engineering; envelope destroyed; most of the remainder were in a document wallet containing other, unrelated material.
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