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S214a    Periodical contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1872. The "Bedford Level" experiments. The Zetetic: A Monthly Journal of Cosmographical Science no. 2 (August): 14.   Image   PDF
S200aa    Periodical contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1871. Proofs of the rotundity of the earth. English Mechanic and World of Science 14 (342): 94.   Text
NHM-WP01.004.015    Correspondence:   Wallace Alfred Russel, Wallace Annie née Mitten, Wallace William Greenell, Wallace Violet Isabel?, Meldola Raphael, Armstrong Miss  1903.12.08   Letter from A. R. Wallace to his wife Annie from Broadstone, Dorset, 8 Dec 1903 sending zoo tickets for herself and Miss Armstrong; daughter Violet forwarding son William's letters; Meldola's letters; Australian water-lilies sent by A. R. Wallace to (Royal Botanic Gardens) Kew have flowered, requests Annie to visit Kew and ask if dying of off leaves normal; purchase of a barrel (144 pounds weight) of apples for 18 shillings and a chicken and duck from Roscommon, Ireland, advertised at 3/6 in "T.P's Weekly". Stamped envelope addressed to Mrs Wallace c/o Miss Armstrong, 18 Priory Road Bedford Park, London W, with illegible (Broadstone?) postmarks on the front and Paddington 9 Dec 1903 on the back. Place: Broadstone Dorset England Ireland London England Notes: OLD REF WP1/19/6/5 and later WP1/21/15. This letter was previously filed in a paper folder labelled in WGW's? hand "Examd Not wanted" almost certainly selected for J. Marchant when writing A. R. Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences" (London 1916).
S179aa    Book contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1870. [Letters and a Memorandum of Agreement concerning the Bedford Canal experiment]. In: Hampden, John. 1870. Is water level or convex after all? Swindon: Alfred Bull, pp. 14-17.   Text   Image   PDF
NHM-WP13.001.001    Printed:    1871   Printed pamphlet titled "Water, not convex: The Earth not a Globe! Demonstrated by Alfred R. Wallace Esq. on the 5th of March, 1870, by the old Bedford canal, near Downham Market, Norfolk." Written and published by William Carpenter, London 1871. 31 pages. Place: Norfolk England
NHM-WP07.043.[03]    Note:    1894   Ms in A. R. Wallace's hand headed "Economic and Social Justice", 42 numbered folios exercise book paper written on one side only, annotated in pencil in another? Hand with page numbers from 278-319, annotated in an unknown hand on first page in pencil "Baldry", annotated on back of last page in an unknown hand in ink "Corrected proof Return[ed] to A.D. Innes esq 31 &32 Bedford Street Strand" and in pencil in WGW's? A. R. Wallace's? hand "Mss Economic & Social Justice". (Published in April 1894 in Vox Clamantium; The Gospel of the People pp. 166-197; See Smith: S498)
S574aa    Book contribution:     Wallace, A. R. 1874. Letter [to Thomas Wilkinson Wallis, dated 20 April 1874]. In: Wallis, T.W. 1899. Autobiography of Thomas Wilkinson Wallis, sculptor in wood. Louth: J.W.Goulding & Son, pp. 181-182, plus drawing.   Text   Image
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