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BL-Add.Mss46415-46417    Draft:    1885--1888   Autograph draft for "Darwinism" (1889). Vols. II-IV (ff. 279, 269, 316). 'Darwinism', published April 1889. According to a note on 46415, f. 1, the work was written between the end of 1885 and November 1888. Autograph, apparently sent to the printer although some alterations and additions are found in the printed text. Preface, index, etc., wanting. Paginated first by Wallace in chapters, excluding a flyleaf to each chapter and then by the printer in two series, viz.: 46415, f. 1- 46417, f. 66, 1- 602, and 46417, ff. 65-316, 1-245.
BL-Add.Mss46414    Draft:    1886   Autograph draft for "Bad Times" (1886). Vol. I (ff. 280). 'Bad Times', published 1886, a rewritten version of an essay submitted by Wallace for a prize of 100 gns. offered in 1885 by Messrs. Pears for the best essay on 'The Present Depression of Trade'; viz.:- (1) Pag
BL-Add.Mss46420[.c]    Draft:    1890--1908   Autograph draft for journal articles (Shermer 2002, p.348), 13 items
BL-Add.Mss46432-46433    Draft:    1890--1908   Autograph drafts. Vols. XIX, XX (ff. 345, 337). Contributions to periodicals, etc., 1890-1908, some of which were reprinted with minor corrections and insertions and with the addition of illustrations and sub-headings in Studies Scientific and Social, 2 vols., 1900 (hereafter Studies). Except where noted the articles bear printer's marks; occasional additions and corrections were made in proof. Where possible dates of composition have been deduced from internal evidence.
BL-Add.Mss46418-46419    Draft:    1898   Autograph draft for "The Wonderful Century" (1898). Vols. V, VI (ff.249, 231). 'The Wonderful Century', first version published 1898. Insertions in the printed text suggest that this MS. was completed before 18 Feb. 1898. Preface, etc., index, and chapter 18, 'Vaccination a Delusion, its Penal Enforcement a Crime', are wanting; a note in Wallace's hand on 46419, f. 126, directs the printer to set up Chapter 18 from a pamphlet, presumably that produced by Wallace in 1897. Autograph draft showing revision and rearrangement by the author and printer's marks.
BL-Add.Mss46420-46421    Draft:    1903   Autograph draft for "Man's Place in the Universe" (1903). Vols. VII, VIII (ff. 263, 285). 'Man's Place in the Universe', published 1903. Footnotes added to the printed text indicate that the present MS. was complete before March 1903; the text was further revised before publication. Preface, index, etc., and star maps found at end of printed book are wanting. Autograph with corrections and revisions, except for 46420, ff. 62-66, 176-178, which are typewritten extracts from the revised edition (1903) of 'The Wonderful Century', and 46421, ff. 246, 247, which are printed diagrams.
BL-Add.Mss46422-46427    Draft:    1905   Autograph draft for "My Life" (1905). Vols. IX - XIV (ff. 360, 333 , 332, 343, 348, 219). 'My Life, a Record of Events and Opinions', Wallace's autobiography published in 2 vols., 1905. The text is in substantial agreement with the printed version save for corrections of style, the insertion of matter relating to the illustrations, and some minor alterations. Preface, index, etc., and illustrations are wanting. Autograph, except for 46423, f. 327, and typescript (46423, ff. 111-148, 46424, ff. 186-196, 46426, ff. 118-123) and printed (46423, f. 324, 46425, ff. 69-70, 46426, ff. 125-127, 170-173, 177-179 ) passages. Paginated by the author in separate chapters (excluding the flyleaf to each chapter) and by the printer in two series 46422, f. 45 - 46425, f. 1, as 35-1074, and 46425, f. 2 - 46427, f. 173, as 15-872; the division is not that of the two volumes of the printed text. Other printer's marks occur.
BL-Add.Mss46428    Draft:    1907.10   Autograph draft for "Is Mars habitable" (1907). Vol. XV (ff . 259). 'Is Mars Habitable?', published 1907. Viz.:- (a) Autograph draft, apparently completed 1-19 October 1907, and wanting frontispiece, last paragraph of the preface, and the letter from J. H. Poynting printed on
BL-Add.Mss46429-46431    Draft:    1910   Autograph draft for The World of Life" (1910). Vols. XVI-XVIII (ff. 367, 317, 299). 'The World of Life' , published 1910. Autograph draft showing signs of revision by the author and printer's marks, apparently completed between summer 1909 and November 1910. The text was further revised between the completion of this draft and publication. Title-page, index, etc., preface, lists of contents and illustrations, are wanting, as are figures 1, 2 and 8, which are all taken from unpublished photographs of Malaya and the E. Indies.
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